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Syracuse Furniture: 5 Tips In Buying Child-Friendly Pieces

A beautiful and comfortable home includes not only improving the curb appeal of it but also having useful furniture pieces. Living room sofa, coffee and dining tables, and chairs, are must-haves, especially if you’re a first-time homeowner.

Invest in high-quality furniture and reap good rewards, with regards to its aesthetic sense, durability, functionality, and legacy. Of course, you want something that will last a lifetime, something that is safe and child-friendly, especially if you have toddlers and preschoolers around.

Accidents happen even inside the home, like slips and falls. Cheap and poorly constructed furniture pieces may also cause cuts, wounds, and fractures when children stumble and get into the sharp, protruding, and glass areas of the furniture.

Here are some tips in buying child-friendly furniture pieces to keep them safe. 

Syracuse Furniture - 5 Tips in Buying Child Friendly Pieces

  1. Sofas and Lounges

Sofas and lounges usually come with a hefty price tag. That’s why you need to prioritize child safety to avoid getting another set because you made the wrong choice. Even if you don’t have children yet, consider your young guests when family and friends come over to celebrate special occasions.

Newlywed couples can buy kid-friendly furniture pieces ahead of time, from to prepare for their future babies.

Here are few things to remember when it comes to choosing child-friendly sofas and lounges.

  • Invest in sofas and lounges that are “wipeable.” Leather has a beautiful texture and wipeable surface that is easy to clean at the same time. Other fabrics also work well, except for absorbent ones, like cotton, because children usually spill drinks and accidentally or unintentionally scatter foods around.
  • Choose a lounge with a sturdy frame. Children tend to treat these as a trampoline, so check the material and construction of the frame to ensure they are durable and can last for many years. Steel and thick hardwood frames are highly recommended.
  • Find the right position or placement. Don’t place it against a window because an active kid could fall through. Position your living room sofa back onto the wall to stop your little superhero, gymnast, or athlete from flipping over the back. It will avoid a potentially dangerous drop. 
  1. Tables and Chairs

One of the most common accidents related to furniture is a toddler accidentally hitting or bumping on a hard corner. They are so active and usually run and jump almost anywhere.

How will you safeguard your little ones from these types of accidents? Here’s how:

  • Attach corner guards and edge protectors to your coffee, hall, and dining tables.
  • Choose furniture pieces with rounded edges, cane or soft wicker furniture, upholstered tables, or even plastic for their playroom.
  • Avoid metals because they tend to have sharp footing that can cause lesions and cuts to your children’s little hands and feet. 
  1. Shelves and Drawers

Children tend to reach for drawers and shelves because of their natural curiosity, causing it to fall over them. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) also launched a campaign called “Anchor It” to raise public awareness on TV tip-overs and furniture safety hazards among children.

CSPC recommend preventing these accidents by:

  • Anchor all shelves and drawers to a studded wall. It will prevent your children from pulling and climbing the heavy drawers onto themselves. Spread the anchors of your furniture pieces to provide more stability.
  • If you’re buying a piece of new furniture, choose ones with cupboard doors and drawers located at the bottom to make it more difficult for kids to climb. Lock away any breakables or store them on high shelves. Keep them locked and far away from children’s reach. 

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  1. Bed Frames

Whenever possible, avoid bed frames on top of the other or double deck bed frames, most especially if your children are too young.

They still don’t have a sense of space identification, so they enjoy a deep sleep and dreaming most of the time. That’s why a higher deck is a potential source of a safety hazard, causing a falling accident at the middle of the night or early dawn.

Here are some tips when choosing the appropriate bed frame for your kids:

  • Choose upholstered bed frames for very young children.
  • Single bed frames are recommended instead of double deck bed frames.
  • Twins or brothers can share a bed in a double-sized or family-sized bed.
  • Choose bed frames with sturdy legs because children tend to jump and play with them, like Superman, Batman, or other superheroes, when their wild imagination sparks. 
  1. Wardrobe Closets

Your little girls are so excited with their stylish wardrobe cabinets, but you should consider not only the aesthetic appeal but also its functionality.

Here are a few things to remember when choosing the right wardrobe closet for your kids:

  • Open shelving is a good idea if your children are old enough to fix all their clothes, accessories, and other personal stuff inside their cabinets. Make sure there’s a space for everything such as drawers for their undergarments, socks, and areas for hanging their uniforms, formal attire, and favorite clothes.
  • For small children, make sure they cannot access large spaces where they can play hide and seek and possibly get locked inside without you noticing it. Lock these cabinets and keep the keys in a secure place.
  • Avoid wardrobe closets made of glass or easily breakable materials. Better yet, choose plain wood or plastic. 


Now, you’re more knowledgeable in determining the most appropriate and recommended furniture pieces for a kid-friendly home setting. While the price tag can be a little higher than other types, child-friendly furniture items help prevent accidents and worst impacts brought about by the natural naughtiness of young children, most especially toddlers and preschoolers.

It is possible to achieve and maintain a beautiful and functional home by investing in child-friendly furniture pieces. It’s time to make a change and replace old and worn out furniture pieces with child-friendly pieces today for a more beautiful and safer home to stay.

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