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6 Ways To Keep Kids Safe At Home

Child dad

We all have a tendency to think of our home as automatically safe. But while this is true for us, as adults, it’s not true automatically for children. Kids love to get their hands onto things that they shouldn’t be using or can otherwise make decisions that could compromise the …

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Safer Cell Service – Samsung Parental Controls

Kids playing Samsung phones

Parents of today are raising a new breed of savvy technological kids. Toddlers use tablets to play games and teenagers enjoy texting with their friends on their mobile phones. And on top of this, most schools are using computers and tablets in their curriculum, making it tricky to keep kids …

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10 Tips for Childproofing the Home

Cute toddler sulk

As soon as your baby begins to crawl you may be surprised at just how fast they can get around. Their curiosity leads them to all sorts of places while they explore the world around them which is a huge milestone in their early life! The unfortunate part of this …

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Syracuse Furniture: 5 Tips In Buying Child-Friendly Pieces

Baby looking in drawer

A beautiful and comfortable home includes not only improving the curb appeal of it but also having useful furniture pieces. Living room sofa, coffee and dining tables, and chairs, are must-haves, especially if you’re a first-time homeowner. Invest in high-quality furniture and reap good rewards, with regards to its aesthetic …

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A Guide On How To Babyproof Your New Home

baby exploring kitchen cupboards

Bringing home your new baby is a momentous occasion that is to be celebrated and looked forward to, however there is a lot of preparation that needs to be done before your baby arrives. You will need to purchase all the things you need for your new baby and decorate …

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8 Best Apps For Parents To Monitor Their Children

Woman using apps on her phone

Monitoring the activities of the children has become a huge challenge for the parents in the modern days. Mobile phones and children can be a dangerous duo. You are always fearful about their mobile activities. Kids nowadays tend to use their elders’ mobile phones or their own mobile phones at …

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5 Essential Ways To Keep Your Children Safe


As a parent we have many responsibilities towards our children ranging from teaching them manners to helping them to distinguish right from wrong. However the biggest responsibility we have is to keep them alive and safe from physical injury and any other sort of harm. There are various things you …

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