7 Low-Cost Businesses A Student Can Start Right Away

For some students, taking loans seems like the only solution to make ends meet, but only a few know that refinancing their student loans can bring down their interest rates. Have a look here to know more about refinancing.

In these hard times, starting a business seems like a more feasible option. With business, a student will have the freedom to choose her or his timings and will steer the business in the direction s/he wants.

When the business grows, a student will have a steady source of income which will help in the loan repayment later on. But there are limited businesses that do not need much money, and therefore, are suitable for students. Some of these low-cost businesses are written below, and you can start them right away.

7 Low Cost Businesses A Student Can Start Right Away

  1. Educational Blogging

Everyone reads blogs to get the answers to their questions and queries. Google has been providing information on anything and provides the relevant articles to us for reading. People have also taken this job upon themselves where they create blogs and write.

People write about all sorts of things, things they are passionate about or have knowledge and experience in. If you also have a particular knowledge base that you could pass on to others, making your blog would not be a bad idea. Considering you are a student, you can talk about your daily challenges and how you struggle to manage your time. You could also write about the subject you are majoring in.

Whatever it is, share it with others for free, and soon you will have a ton of followers. All you need to do is get a free blog template and start writing posts, but they should be consistent and regular. Make a living by writing about things that you love. Some of the options you have include starting an affiliates program, offering online courses, and creating webinars.

  1. Uber Driving

This idea is not unheard of and many people of or this business when they have limited options. Even if you have not thought about this yet, it won’t hurt to consider it now. After all, the chances of failure are very slim in it. It is an easy career to start, especially for students. If you have a car, you are halfway there.

There are even motorbike services as well, so you can provide rides on your bike if you have one. As an Uber driver, you will be getting people where they need to be, safely. You could also deliver food, reducing your fuel emissions.


  1. Educational Travel Company

More and more people are saving their money and going on trips across different countries and cities. Tourism is increasing and traveling is becoming easier than it was before. In these times, it still helps when you have proper guidance about the place you are going to. Not only this, but travelers have also become interested in visiting places where they can be involved in a community project.

These types of matchmaking websites exist, you have the options to start an online travel company that will educate people about the country they will be volunteering in. Provide information about the equipment these people will need, where they will be living, offer insight into that country, offer inclusive packages, etc.

  1. Online Fundraising Consultant

Being an online fundraising consultant is more appropriate for people who have a background in finance or have any experience in this field. If you are majoring in this subject, it would be a good option for you. Experience in sales would be a plus.

You could put both your skills to good use and start your own fundraising consultancy for charities. Just choose the type of charities you want to work with. You can then get networking to create your relationships with companies and people that you feel good about. Show the companies you are interested in that you can create and implement efficient fundraising programs that are more than up for the job of raising the required money they need for their cause.

Fashion Items

  1. Start A Fashion Business

Doing a major in fashion? What are you waiting for?! Fashion businesses are on peak nowadays, and if you have the right knowledge, then you will know what you are doing. Forbes billionaire list will show you that a large amount of the billionaires that are featured in it are in the fashion business. This proves that it is among the most profitable businesses to go into right now.

People are becoming more fashion and style conscious, and the fashion industry is growing rapidly by the minute. One of the most basic needs is clothes, and everyone wants to look good while wearing it. In fact, more than that, we want to look cool and trendy. This only makes the fashion industry to keep thriving as the world’s economy keeps growing.

  1. Become a Copywriter

Copywriting is where you get to use your words. A lot of the students have an experience of writing reports and are more than qualified for this job. It is easier for them to handle as well. You will be delivering words, written or spoken, and get people to take the required action. Copywriting ranges from sales pages and email marketing to quality blog content.

If you have a passion for writing and are inclined towards this job copywriting may be a good opportunity for you to earn some money online. It would be a great way to get some freedom in your life, because copywriting allows you to work remotely and you can control your schedule. So if you have evening classes, you can work at night too.

Plus, you will be learning the skill and getting some experience in it. This will further help you in many online businesses such as building a blog or affiliate marketing. Start using your writing skills and start earning!

These businesses are very easy to set up and do not cost you an arm and a leg.

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