Five Most Dog-Friendly Cities

Everyone loves dogs, but a lot of cities don’t. Some cities are anti-dog while others love dogs with their whole hearts, incorporating dog-friendly designs into elements of the city. However, these can sometimes be hard to find and can seem impossible to find whenever you are in a pinch to move with your furry friend.

If you are on the move or want to travel with your dog, here are the five most dog-friendly cities.

Five Most Dog Friendly Cities

1. Portland, Oregon

Though ironically one of the closest cities to the city with the most dog attacks in the country (Los Angeles with 80 attacks in 2017), Portland is very dog-friendly. The city alone has over thirty dog parks, and that doesn’t include any that exist outside the city limits.

Furthermore, Portland has some fun legislation in place that enables people who live within Portland to bring their dogs into bars with them, putting it on par with London in terms of dog friendliness.

2. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is an ideal place to travel with your dog because

  • The lawyers there are also adept with dog bite cases
  • Dogs can ride the subway when hours aren’t peak
  • Dogs can also go in bars on certain hours and during certain days
  • There are entire dog-friendly neighborhoods as well as apartment buildings
  • They have some of the best dog training centers in the country

Not only can you go to Boston and expect to meet someone smart with their brainiac dog, but the city invites you and your furry friend to actually enjoy the city around you as well, which is nice.

Cute dog licking lips

3. Tucson, Arizona

A place where dogs can be as wild and free as their owners feel under the arid Arizona sunshine. A place of endless summer and lots of red sand to get dirty in, Tucson answers questions about how to coexist with dogs in a leash free environment.

Furthermore, despite the stereotypes, pit bulls are not either one of the top two breeds that bite people each year. This city hosts events dedicated to raising awareness about the less harmful nature of pit bulls than what the media portrays. With a city that is forward in its dog-friendly innovation as well as one that works to change how dogs are portrayed as well.

4. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Yet another beautiful western city takes the spot, however, it is right to do so. With over one hundred and seventy dog-friendly restaurants that do not even include just pubs and bars, this city is a haven for being able to take your dog out for a night on the town and both of you being able to enjoy it while sober.

One thing that your dog will like even more than you will is the fact that this city boasts only about twenty-eight days of rain per year. This means that your dog will be able to go outside and play and have fun in the sunshine nearly every day for years on end, and that is dog heaven.

5. Orlando, Florida

Warm, sunny, and free of many dog-related accidents, Orlando is another dream destination for dogs and their owners. Older residents mean older and calmer dogs, so this city tends to have lower reports of dog bite incidents than most other cities on the east coast because of demographics.

Proximity to the beach, as well as overall warmth and sunshine, make this another ideal place for you and your dog, especially if either of you likes to play with water toys big or small. This city is perfect for a calm, dog-friendly life with the added bonus of getting a Disney pass because you live there.

Enjoy These Cities With Your Furry Friend

Your days with your dog should each be special in their own right. You can’t just stay cooped up in the house all day. These cities will welcome you, your pet, and the love that you share for one another. Have fun in these dog-friendly cities either on vacation or even for forever.

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