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Fidget Poppers – The Latest Fidget Craze

The latest craze in South Africa (according to my primary school kids) is the fidget popper, apparently “every kid” has one in their class and they have been asking me to get them one too. While searching for fidget popper South Africa I saw that one of my favourite online stores has a super large square rainbow fidget popper for sale in their latest products range as well as a fidget bubble popper in a heart and an ice cream shape. So what’s the big deal when it comes to a fidget popper?

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Fidget Popper South Africa Craze

What Do You Do With A Fidget Popper?

Have you ever sat and popped bubble wrap? A fidget popper is a similar concept that is made out of silicone with half bubbles that you push, they get pushed onto the other side they pop. Once they have all been popped you can turn it over and do the other side. Fidget poppers have gained immense popularity on the Tiktok platform, using the #PopIt hashtag, getting over 2.5 billion views. These toys have been selling like hot cakes since their introduction to the market.

While many may see fidget toys as annoying and useless there are many people that find fidgeting with something to be soothing and a fantastic aid to help with concentration. There are many different types of fidget toys including fidget spinners and fidget cubes. One thing is quite clear, fidget toys are here to stay. Here are some of the ways that fidget toys can benefit you and your kids:

  • stress and anxiety relief
  • distraction from compulsive behaviours such as nail biting
  • strengthens and fine tunes fine motor skills
  • improves mindfulness

The fidget poppers are perfect for kids with autism, OCD, ADHD and ADD. Fidgets give these children the opportunity to keep their bodies and hands busy with something to do, and it keeps their brains focused on the task at hand, like reading or listening to a teacher. 

Almost everyone fidgets at some point because fidgeting is an effective way to use movement to help with concentration. It also has a calming influence and promotes better focus. A fidget toy might look like a standard toy, but they are in fact therapeutic devices which makes a significant impact.

If your child has anxiety or ADHD, you most probably noticed them fidgeting, restlessly tapping their fingers on the table, or tapping their feet on the floor. This is where a fidget toy can come in very handy, assisting an adult or child that finds it hard to focus. Sensory bubble toys can assist with attention and concentration.

Fidget Poppers as Sensory Toys

Fidget Toys like the fidget poppers have been utilized by healthcare professionals as a means to assist kids with sensory and anxiety difficulties. This happens when a child finds it problematic to respond to information through using their senses. They might react negatively to anything that might trigger their senses. This includes smell, light, touch, taste, and sound.

The use of sensory toys dates to the 1970s and is also used to help kids with disabilities, where they display an interest in sounds, lights, and objects to touch and play with. It also has a calming and relaxing influence on individuals during therapy sessions. Sensory toys are useful because they activate multiple senses, for instance, hearing, sight, and the sense of touch simultaneously. Sensory toys also help with attention and concentration, just like adults doodling while listening to a telephone conversation, for example.

Developing Essential Skills

Fidget poppers keeps little hands busy while assisting with developing fine motor skills, tactile awareness, concentration, visual perception skills, size and color discrimination. It can also exercise children’s reasoning strategy, logical thinking, mathematical thinking, mental arithmetic, and fine motor skills when playing a two-player game of pop bubble push.

A Multifunctional Toy

Fidget poppers make for a unique gift, whether it being for kids, friends, families, etc. People of all ages can play. This toy is excellent for parent-child games where you can play together and enjoy some family bonding time. This toy is lightweight and portable which means it can be enjoyed anywhere at any time. It can also double up as a frisbee for pets, coaster, or placement. It is super easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. The fidget poppers are also available in various shapes, colors, and sizes. 


I hope that you have found this post helpful and if you have a child that has been diagnosed with autism, OCD, AHDH, or ADD, why not get your hands on fidget poppers, and see if can make a positive impact on your child’s life? 

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  1. I’ve been wondering about these… my kids want but I wonder if its going to end up like fidget spinners that will end up lost and broken somewhere. They do look nice and fun though

  2. It will a great pleasure for me to won something. My fingers are crossed. I’ve never won anything. Hoping that’s about to change

  3. Emily Rajagopal

    Reading all the reviews i would really love to get this for my gal .she’s a busy body..she’s 6 years and always doing this or that

  4. Thank you for the in depth review – I’ve been wondering… my daughter’s been asking to go to a “Fidget store” for weeks! After reading this it makes a purchase worthwhile

  5. I have purchased 1 for my daughter. To be honest, I use it as well and it is so therapeutic. Thanks for sharing

  6. Annchelle Herbst

    A must buy for my son and husband! Thank you for the review.

  7. Elize Swanepoel

    I still remember the fidget spinners being incredibly popular and we still have a few lying around. 😉 I had no idea about the fidget poppers until I’ve read your post about it. I love the idea. I for one am addicted to popping bubble wrap, so I think I might really enjoy this toy. LOL. And strangely enough after reading your post, I started noticing more and more ads and posts for them. I also came across a few at the chinese shop around the corner from my work. I will definitely invest in one for my toddler. I think he will really enjoy popping it.

  8. stephanie videira

    I know this is for the kids, but i think i need to buy one for my self 😉 as a stress reliever

  9. Ooh my son grabbed one of these when we were in the Chinese shop it is a pencile case and the olors are tye dyed effect even I like to pop the bubbles ??

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