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5 Great Exercises To Help Relieve Shoulder Arthritis Pain

Arthritis pain in your shoulder can be deliberating. Your shoulder is a crucial joint, you use it many times every day and need it to function smoothly. Unfortunately, many things can cause your shoulder to work less effectively, from osteoarthritis to rheumatoid arthritis and even trauma.

Whatever the cause of your shoulder arthritis, it’s a good idea to start doing shoulder exercises. They may feel uncomfortable but they will improve your ability to move your shoulder and reduce the feeling of pain.

Here are five exercises to help relieve shoulder arthritis.

5 Great Exercises To Help Relieve Shoulder Arthritis Pain

The Pendulum

This is designed to stretch your outer shoulder and rotator cuff. You will need to stand by a table and place one hand on it for support. Your other arm should be able to hang. This arm needs to move back and forth ten times, then side to side. To finish, swing your arm in a circle ten times.

You can then repeat with the other arm

Arm Crossover

Gently stretch the back of your shoulder with this simple but effective exercise. Start by putting one arm across your chest. It should be almost straight and can be supported by the other arm which holds it under your bicep.

Hold the stretch for 30 seconds before relaxing for thirty seconds. Do the same with the other arm and then repeat both arms another three times each.

Passive External Rotation

This exercise is very simple. Take a stick and hold it in both hands in front of you, so that it is horizontal with one end on each hand. Push on the stick gently and you will feel a pull at the back of your shoulder. Hold this for thirty seconds and then repeat with the other arm.

You will want to do it 3-4 times with each arm.

The Wall Crawl

This strengthens your shoulder muscles. Stand facing a wall, approximately arm’s length away. Put your fingers on the wall, this should be at maximum stretch. Slowly move the fingers up the wall and hold for 20 seconds at the highest point you can reach.

Repeat another two times always aiming to get your fingers higher.

Wall Push-ups

These are designed to increase strength in your shoulders, arms, and chest.

Again, you will need to stand in front of a wall with your hands pressed against the wall. Focus on tightening your stomach muscles while lowering your upper body toward the wall, you will need to bend your elbows at the same time. Hold this for a second and then push yourself slowly back to the original position.

Start by trying to do this eight times. There is no upper limit. As you get stronger and your shoulder pain gets less it will simply get easier to do.

The key to relieving shoulder arthritis pain is to be consistent with your exercises and keep doing them, even if the pain appears to have gone. These simple exercises will make your body stronger.

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