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3 Amazing Educational Toys For 4 Year Olds

Research over the years has shown that learning through play is an integral part of children’s development. Not only is it great for children to release energy while playing but also developing their own personalities, finding out who they are as a little person, even as young as infancy. From an early age, a child’s mind is growing just by taking in their surroundings and looking at their environment.

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3 Educational Toys For 4 Year Olds


The use of educational toys for 4 year olds can help children develop various crucial skills they will require throughout their life such as:

  • Understanding cause and effect and problem-solving skills
  • Learning how to play with other children through compromise, sharing and solving conflict.
  • Developing fine and gross motor skills.
  • Fostering their imagination and creativity.
  • Ascertaining their independence and learning positive self-esteem.

Children start reaping the benefits that educational toys offer from as young as one month old. Each age range have different educational toys to help them reach certain milestones and learning new skills appropriate to their age.

Ideas For Educational Toys For 4 Year Olds

As a child gets older and become more active you can start introducing toys that encourage more physical play for example, basketball hoops or tricycles. Remember to teach them safety like wearing a helmet. From two years and up is the perfect age for introducing toys that integrate cognitive skill development.

  • Kinetic sand for instance, is an excellent sensory activity that assist children with practicing writing by forming letter or shapes in the sand. They can write their names or draw pictures. Introducing an easel can help them with developing their small motor skills with practicing how to hold a paint brush or chalk. It can enhance creativity by allowing them to use their imagination to create beautiful art pieces.
  • Books and other games with “see and say” combinations can assist them with evolving literacy skills and developing name recognition. Toys like these is excellent for using visual aids to show them the words they are hearing. For example, showing them a picture of a dog repeatedly while mimicking the sound a dog makes.
  • Reading books with color pictures and accompanying words on each page can teach your child to familiarize himself with how the words they are hearing look on the pages.
  • More intricate building block sets, particularly magnetic ones are an excellent way of boosting problem solving and creativity. Whether it is through building a structure according to the picture on the box or making a unique master piece from scratch. If the set includes different colored blocks, you can also teach them the different colors and practice counting and sorting the blocks in each color.
  • Counting toys can teach them about numbers and games that encourage playing with other children can teach them valuable social building skills.

Have a look at these educational toys for 4 year olds available for purchase at Amazon.com.

3 Educational Toys For 4 Year Olds

  1. Vtech touch and learn activity desk

This toy includes a fun-filled learn activity desk with five activity pages that has engaging content to explore.

  • You have the option of adding expansion packs (sold separately) which include a comprehensive curriculum and an LED display for illustrating number and letter stroke orders plus learning how to draw basic shapes.
  • The toy can transform from a desk into a chalkboard and easel with handy storage space for art supplies. (Stool included).
  • Children can listen to entertaining tunes on the music player or pretend making calls on the toy telephone.
  • Includes a progress button to report on child’s progress.
  • Featuring 100+ vocabulary words, 20+ songs and melodies and 20+ educational activities.
  • Packaged in a plain brown box for easy unpackaging.
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Fabric care instruction: wipe clean with a damp cloth.

  1. ETI 101-piece educational construction and engineering building blocks set

In a digital world where phones, video games and tablets enjoy preference, this STEM supported set of engineering building blocks can encourage a child to play with their hands.

  • Manufacture to assist with developing your child’s math, science, engineering and technology skills.
  • Kids can let their creative juices flowing by building transformers, trucks, robots, helicopters and many more.
  • Suitable for kids of both genders from ages 3 to 6 years, supporting their creativity as they grow.
  • This toy is both educational and fun.
  • 101-Piece educational block set, aimed at assisting kids with building hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and enhancing creativity while keeping them amused for hours on end.
  • Supporting problem solving and logical thinking plus boosting your child’s imagination.
  • Assist your child with building social skills from an early age. Social development teamwork and partnership are crucial to achieving success in our daily lives. ETI toys engineering blocks are premeditated for developing the child’s social skills from early on. Encouraging children to play together and work as a team to create stunning creations that comes with dual-purpose clicking wrenches which helps with supporting interactive play.
  • The STEM engineering blocks are washable for hassle-free and easy cleaning.
  • Blocks are stored in a storage tub and includes an 80-page instructional eBook with twelve different toy designs. (Easy, intermediate and advanced levels).
  • All ETI toys are manufactured with a child’s safety in mind. Products are independently lab tested by a third party.
  • Certified non-toxic, free from lead and phthalates and BPA-safe.
  • Avoid buying counterfeit imitation knockoffs of this product to protect your child’s safety.
  • ETI Toys is the original seller and offers a one hundred percent guarantee if you’re not entirely satisfied with your purchase.

  1. Leapfrog my own leapfrog

A wonderful educational toy to help children learn the alphabet, spell their name and many more.

  • The leapfrog can be customised to spell your child’s name.
  • Kids can sing along with sixteen catchy songs and melodies, learn animal names and letter and send or receive pretend emails.
  • Suitable for ages three years and older.
  • The packaging, functionality and color may vary.
  • Packaged in certified hassle-free packaging.

What are your favourite educational toys for 4 year olds?

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  11. Our little one ( just turned 3 ) has the leap frog and it really is an amazing educational little tablet for them !

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  19. This is quite informative. I’ve actually purchased a mediapad for my 4 year old, it’s loaded with a kids corner with educational games. I have to be honest and say that he has picked up pretty quickly. He can spell words, recognizes shapes and can count till 100.

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