Easing Lower Backpain During Pregnancy, Safely, With Deep Freeze

Mentholatum SA, a health and wellness company and the makers of Deep Freeze, confirm the ability of its Deep Freeze range, scientifically proven cooling pain relief, to assist in easing backpain during pregnancy.

“A woman’s body goes through extraordinary changes during pregnancy,” says Joanne Nel, Deep Freeze Brand Manager. “This is true not only on an emotional and hormonal level, but physically as well. As the baby grows and the mother’s belly begins to expand, so too do her breasts enlarge and feet expand placing increasing strain on a mother’s body.”

These three changes, specifically, can often be the cause of lower backpain experienced by many pregnant women particularly towards the end of the second and beginning of the third trimester.

There are a few well known ways how to care for your back during this time:

  • Think about your back as you go about your day. Avoid lifting heavy bags and take care when lifting other children. You may also want to consider wearing supportive shoes that help to distribute weight evenly.
  • Try and sit on a swiss ball instead of a sofa when watching TV. It offers great back building benefits.
  • Support your neck while sleeping by keeping your knees bent and pillows around your bump and between your knees.
  • Stay active with gentle exercise such as maternity yoga and swimming. Taking a walk at moderate pace will also help with circulation and strength.
  • A pregnancy massage by a specialist therapist will also help to relieve pain, in addition to professional acupuncture.

Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Patch

“All of the above will help to ease back pain during pregnancy,” continues Nel. “However, for those moms wanting to block or minimise pain as quickly and effectively as possible without any dangers to the baby, Deep Freeze, a drug-free pain topical solution offers a convenient and effective pain relief to help ease back pain during pregnancy and beyond.”

Recommended for effective cooling relief from muscular pain during pregnancy, Deep Freeze cold therapy decreases blood flow to the affected area thereby reducing pain and inflammation. It contains menthol that, when applied to the skin, causes a cooling sensation followed by an analgesic effect. “When the cold is applied, it activates receptors in the skin that send signals to the brain to dilute pain and bring relief,” says Nel.

Fast acting and soothing, Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Gel, when applied to the skin at the area of pain, provides relief exactly where you need it.

The following Deep Freeze products are pregnancy safe, with no known risk or residual risk during pregnancy or breastfeeding under normal conditions. As with all treatments, please consult your doctor before use.

Available at Clicks, Dis-Chem, Pick ‘n Pay, Shoprite, Checkers, Spar and selected pharmacies, as follows:

  • Deep Freeze Cold Gel (35g RSP R 29.95, 100g RSP R 49.95, 500g RSP 74.95),
  • Deep Freeze Muscle Massage Roll-On Gel (50g, RSP R39.95)
  • Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Patches (packs of x4 RSP 64.95)

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Deep Freeze SA is a health and wellness company, providing non-prescription pharmaceutical, healthcare products to consumers since 1963. We are dedicated to providing effective solutions that not only satisfy but exceed our customers’ expectations.

For more information visit – www.deepfreeze.co.za
Facebook: @deepheatza
Instagram: @deepheatsouthafrica

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