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Early Learning Concepts Your Preschoolers Should Know

For many people sending a child to an early learning center is all about the convenience of being able to regain your personal time. This may be to facilitate going back to work or to spend more time with other children.

However, a reputable center, such as this early learning Chatswood, will do much more than just look after your child. They will teach them through play and help them to learn skills that will be useful to them in school and later in life. 

The early years of a child’s life are important as this is when they can soak up information very easily. This can help to ensure they have the knowledge and life skills they need as adults.

There are several critical concepts a preschooler should know and your preschool will help them to learn.

Early Learning Concepts Your Preschoolers Should Know

Letter Recognition

Singing songs, particularly the alphabet song, on a regular basis with your child will help them to understand and recognize the letters of the alphabet. This is the first step toward reading. Of course, it will take more time to understand the concept of letters creating words and that every word has a meaning. But, you have to start somewhere.

Color Recognition & Identification

Preschool should help your child to identify different colors. This can be done via singing or through repetition. It starts by telling your child repeatedly that something is a certain color. They will remember and accept what you’ve old them. You can then add in more colors and start testing them on colors. Your preschool will help with this stage of the process.


This is potentially one of the most useful skills in life and something that every child should be taught as soon as possible. Preschoolers will learn to count using a variety of different measures at their preschool. Although understanding of quantities may not happen until later, gaining an understanding of the order numbers follow is a good starting point.

Animal Names & Sounds

Preschoolers will learn the name of various animals and the sounds they make. This can easily be taught through interactive play, ensuring your child enjoys the learning process. 

As with most of the items at this stage, knowing a word doesn’t necessarily translate to understanding. But, you’re laying solid foundations.

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Food Names

Your child will quickly learn the names of foods that they like, such as ‘cookie’. But, you can use all meal times, at preschool and otherwise, to help them learn the names of a variety of animals.

Social Skills

Your child will also earn valuable social skills at preschool. In particular, they should develop confidence and the ability to play well with others. These are concepts they won’t fully understand but they will need to utilize to make the most of the preschool environment.

Of course, these skills are also essential for later life. In fact, all the skills and concepts that are initially explored at preschool will be useful in later life. That’s why the right preschool is so important.

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