Delight Bath Essentials Review handmade natural bath products

Delight Bath Essentials Review – Handmade Natural Bath Products

If you ever go to Langebaan you just must go and visit Delight Bath Essentials.

I first smelt them and then I saw them, yes you read that right. I was taking my kids to the bathroom and as I walked past Delight Bath Essentials I smelt their products.

Being a woman I just can’t help myself when it comes to lovely smelling bath goodies so I went in to have a look and I had a chat with the owner of the shop, Cindy Lotz.

So here we go, Delight Bath Essentials provides handmade, natural bath products. It is a small family run business and all the products, except for the beautiful flower soaps, are handmade by Cindy and her family.

All these handmade bath products are completely natural and except for the honey bath products, they are all vegan too! Bonus right?

I love to look for products that are not tested on animals since the thought of animal testing makes me quite sick to the stomach.

Now I have a shop that I can easily buy stunning presents for my sister that is vegan. (You can check out her new website

Just for your interest Cindy and I had a little chat about getting her products approved by Beauty Without Cruelty and it sounds like she will be doing that soon! There is nothing better than finding a lovely product that it is approved by BWC.

Ok so what did I buy?

For my mother’s birthday in October I bought a bucket which had honey liquid soap and honey bubble bath.

Then for my kids I bought some bath crayons. It is a natural soap, in the shape of a crayon and it has some colourants so your kids can literally draw on the walls of the bath with them. This makes bath time so much more fun and of course it is soap so the marks just rinse right off.

These went down so well with my kids and at just R25 these will be such a great stocking filler for Christmas which is just around the corner.

There are so many beautiful bath products at Delight Bath Essentials and everything is displayed so well that I find it hard to choose just one thing when I go there.

This year my family and I are only buying token gifts for each other, since Christmas has become so commercialized and quite frankly it is just darn expensive isn’t it?

These days everyone is looking at becoming more green and buying handmade products, so if you are looking for a lovely token gift for a family member Delight Bath Essentials is a great place to go and browse.

All the women in my family will be getting beautiful handmade natural bath products this year!

For my mom I want to get some of the flower soaps, they are beautiful and so dainty that having them in your bathroom will add such so much beauty.

handmade natural bath products rosebud soap

The best is that you won’t need to perk up your flowers since they won’t ever be looking sad. They are also not boring like fake flowers, yes I have a thing about fake plants.

What do you think about handmade natural bath products? Yay or Nay?

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  1. I wanna go to this shop!!!
    It sounds amazing.
    I say yay for handmade products!
    & love the fact that they dont test on animals.

  2. Lynne my moms answer to this as she love it i ask her to read and give feedback she say yes to handmade bath salts butters or any bath stuff related she say its unfair that you guys have these awesome little shops and we dont….hehe hope this comment is allowed.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      That is just fine @lisaanderson 🙂 But you can contact Cindy at Delight Bath Essentials and she will courier to you for sure! Her products are just to die for. I am a regular buyer there now, at least once a week 🙂

      • Wow thats wonderful news ill inform my mom and at least we know the store exist as you go there its always a problem if you get online goodies dont know when its a scam but now we know about this place i will tell my mom thx alot Lynne

  3. Yay so where is the shop?

    • Lynne Huysamen

      They are currently in Laguna Mall in Langebaan but they are moving soon, I am not sure where to though. It will still be in the area though. I will update this post when I have their new location.

  4. @lindafourie read this review about this nice little shop yes its in langebaan but like lynne said she will courier to us. If you interested we can see what there is and order like that.

  5. That will be great a update thanks for letting me know they are very far from us but like i mention to my mom she can like order and get it delivered.

  6. I like the sound of it but the shop it’s far from me

  7. That’s great if it can be delivered

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