Creative Ways To Keep Kids Busy

Having kids can be the biggest blessing, and also an absolute nightmare. Which is the case at any given moment mostly seems to depend on the mood they are currently in, how hungry they are, and how long it has been since they last visited the local slime shops. It can become hard to think of exciting, new, and creative ideas to keep the whole family entertained and, as we all know, boredom so often leads to bad behavior.

To help save your sanity, we have put together a list of some creative ways to keep kids busy and allow you the chance to hear yourself think!

Go For A Walk

There is a saying that there is no such thing as bad weather, simply bad clothing. This is an adage to live by when you have children, as the chance to get them out of the house and into the fresh air can be the saving grace of a bad day. A chance of scene, exercise, and a chance to tire them out can do them a world of good. It also provides an opportunity to get nice and muddy, jump in puddles, and bring home all sorts of curious creatures for closer inspection.

Build A Pillow Fort

For days when the weather is just too gloomy, a fort is a wonderful way to keep children entertained for an afternoon. You would be amazed at the fortresses which can be created with just a kitchen table and a clothesline, not to mention every single soft furnishing in the house. Bonus parent points if you allow the chance to eat dinner in the fort, and this is an excellent way for kids to lose themselves in their imaginations while you read more than a single page of that new novel!

Try Some Baking

If you are feeling particularly brave, baking is an ideal way to help keep kids busy, express their creativity, and practice useful skills including science and math. Pick something healthy but delicious to help them learn about healthy eating, and be prepared to do a lot of sweeping up once the creations are browning in the oven.

Paint Some Rocks

This activity is a great follow-up to a muddy walk or can be enjoyed independently. Painting rocks is trickier than it sounds, and you will be amazed at the peace and quiet which comes with concentration. It can also be an excellent activity for a holiday—Christmas decorations and Easter eggs take on a whole new twist!

Play A Board Game

This suggestion must be handled with care, as board games are said to be one of the leading global causes of family break-ups. If your children have the temperament, however, they can be a great way for the whole family to come together in a fun activity and also help practice essential skills such as counting, handling money, and turn taking. Just remember to pick something reasonably short—nobody ever really wins at Monopoly.

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