Home Remedies for Nappy Rash

5 Home Remedies for Nappy Rash

While there are certain steps you can take to prevent nappy rash from occurring itโ€™s a sure bet that at some stage your baby will get a nappy rash.

Nappy rash can be treated with a variety of products specifically for nappy rash, however these home remedies for nappy rash are much cheaper and might just be in your home anyway!

  1. Maizena
  2. Rooibos Tea (apply with a cooled rooibos teabag to affected area)
  3. Sunlight โ€“ let baby go without a nappy in the sun (not direct, harsh sun
  4. Add 2 tablespoons bicarbonate of soda to babyโ€™s bath
  5. Coconut Oil

What other home remedies have you tried and did they work?

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  1. I used olive oil with both my sons and it worked miraculously . My sister in law used oatmeal In a nylon stocking, leave the stocking in the bath while your baby is still in water.

  2. Haven’t tried but heard that vinegar also works.

    Thank you Lynne and Nadia.
    Will remember this for the future.

  3. Oooo see now that you posted this. I forgot.
    Her bums are just a little red. Will try the Maizena and nappy off for as long as possible!

  4. Rooibos teabag – tried & tested.

  5. Good idea to put it in bath water.
    Tx Lynne

  6. I use maizena on a regular basis and each month I mix my maizena and my Vaseline together and I use it on a regular basis with every nappy changed and his bottom is beautiful I never have problems

  7. luck is on my side havent had one rash with my boy and this is always good to know incase

  8. First time am hearing about those remedies thanks I will consider it when needed

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