Bubblegum Tablets for kids

Bubblegum Tablets for Kids

If you are looking for a tablet for your kids then I highly recommend that you consider Bubblegum Tablets for kids. I first came across Bubblegum Tablets when I had my online baby store and I contacted the owner Dewald to discuss selling them in my store.

So while I have not bought a Bubblegum Tablet myself or had my kids use one before I have sold them and gotten great feedback from my customers regarding the quality of the tablets and the value for money.

Now before I tell you more about the Bubblegum Tablets for kids, just take note that Bubblegum Tablets has come on board with Kaboutjie and is sponsoring a Bubblegum Tablet with accessories in our June – July Baby Competition and will also be sponsoring the same prize in our next competition which will be launching soon!

So if you want to win a Bubblegum Tablet with accessories (and many more awesome prizes too!) you better register on the website and then enter the competition!

Win bubblegum Tablets for Kids

So what are Bubblegum Tablets and what makes them so awesome?

Bubblegum Tablets are Android tablets designed specifically for kids. They come in bright funky colours with great accessories such as silicone covers, headphones and car mounts. They are built to be really hardy, yes they need to withstand toddlers!

They come pre-loaded with educational software, games and story books. They are dual core tablets that are wif-i enabled, but don’t worry they come with a parent child mode which enables you to fully customize the functionality for your children.

I can only speak for myself when I say that I get a little nervous thinking about my kids having internet access, so having the ability to restrict their use is absolutely essential.

The Bubblegum Tablet has loads of awesome features and you can click here to check them out.

The feature that really appeals to me is that these kids tablets are multiple language, meaning you can set it to multiple languages. Being in South Africa with 11 national languages this really is a much needed feature.

My husband and his family are Afrikaans and I am English so I buy Afrikaans books and dvds. Having a tablet that comes loaded with Afrikaans apps is such a bonus. So @sandi you asked on the competition sponsor page whether the Bubblegum Tablets support Afrikaans apps – here’s your answer!

There are also Xhosa and Zulu apps available for download.

In fact Bubblegum Tablets are so awesome that Marcelle Snyman started off her own mommy business using Bubblegum Tablets! She runs Genie Kidz that offers tablet based learning to children and toddlers. Her business has gone so well she now has franchise opportunities nationwide.

If you are a mom that is looking to invest in a good, solid business opportunity then I suggest you check out what she is doing and contact her.

I am going to be getting some Bubblegum Tablets for my kids soon and then I will be bringing you a full review, so keep your eyes open for that!

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  1. This is so cool ill get my boy one.

  2. Hi #Lynne, yes please keep us updated, will like to know more, although my twins is still very small, but I would like to be updated with them. Thanx

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