An Apology To Dads

As I watched this video by Kristina Kuzmic giving an apology to dads I was nodding my head furiously, I am so guilty of all of these things and I know I am but I just struggle to let go.

Maybe it is a woman thing, but hats of to Kristina for saying it out loud and clear. Our men do need an apology! My husband is a great dad and I need to tell him more often and try to let go of all these things I do.

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  1. I am so glad to see something for he dad’s out there. Would like to share this!!!! No i mean im going to share this.

    Awesome video the women does make a nice video and straight forward also. @lisaanderson did you watch the video?

    I can honestly say my better half always give me a apology even if its a few hours later. I do often hear im a great dad and doing an awesome job.

    Its always nice to get a apology or to hear yoi are a great dad or doing a great job or even a thank you for working so hard to provide for the family.

    We have a rule in the house that no one goes to bed angry or Pissed off we apologize or talk about it and get it of our chests not to go sleep angry because it also have an affect on your mood the following day i know!! LOL!!!

    • Just a correction my screen is cracked so does not always type the letter i press on i ment The dad’s out there. And also yoi its suppose to be You…Thank you

  2. This woman is just EPIC!!!
    I love how she address the real issues out front!

    I’ve had to learn to let some of the things go as when my little one is with her dad I have no control there but I will admit that I am still guilty of some of the things Kristina mentions. When we are together as a family I still nit-pick at some of the things he does that are so different to the way I do it. Having said that though, I think it’s also become a little easier to let go of certain things as I watch the relationship my daughter and her Dad are developing, it’s completely different to what her and I have, but its strong and pure and yes, fun lol (Moms no fun, you see)

    I wasn’t as lucky as a child and I find myself staring in from the outside loving what I see 
    I think her dad is slightly relieved because when we were living together I was that woman x 10 *hangs head in shame*

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Yeah I love her videos @tamara737 but you would have noticed that by the amount of times I share her videos on my website! I am also so guilty of a lot of these things. It was like she was talking to my poor hubby!

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