West Coast Way Road Trip With A Twist

The West Coast Way Road Trip With A Twist

Although I was born and raised in Cape Town I hardly ever visited the West Coast. I was familiar with some of the names of towns in the area but if you had to ask me about them I could probably tell you that Saldanha was known for being a fishing town and that every year it is flower season along the West Coast, although I had never been to see the flowers.

Almost every time we went away as a family growing up we went up the Garden Route. Then I met my husband to be and he was from the West Coast. I found myself making regular trips to the West Coast for the first time in my life and very soon I was married and moving to Saldanha.

Now every year from August to September I am blessed to be living in this area as everywhere you see there is a blanket of beautiful wild flowers.

West Coast Way flower season

When I first moved here I struggled to adapt to living a slower pace of life and I felt there wasn’t much to do here, but as I settle into married life and being a mother to two beautiful children I am starting to see that this area is an amazing place to be.

There is in fact so much to do and see here, and the West Coast Way has gone out of their way to show you exactly how much fun there is to have in the West Coast.

The West Coast Road Trip With A Twist

The West Coast Way has come up with 5 different routes that cover the West Coast’s attractions with over 100 things to do. You can stick to those routes or you can mix and match routes to come up with your own personal experience – which is what makes this the road trip with the most twists!

The 5 routes which the West Coast Way has to offer are the Culture Route, the Foodie Route, the Scenic Route, the Berg Route and the Wild Route – each route is packed with carefully chosen attractions.

West Coast Way Routes

You can also find accommodation information and specials on the West Coast Way website as well as find out more information about all the routes and attractions along the way.

If you are planning a holiday in the West Coast I highly recommend that you use their website to help you plan your trip!

And just in case you didn’t know, West Coast Way is one of the sponsors in our current photo competition and they are also going to be sponsoring again in the July – August 2017 Photo Competition -so f you would like to win a West Coast Way Travel Kit which includes a game drive for 2 adults and 2 children at Thali Thali Game Lodge you better enter your child!

Thali Thali Game Reserve

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  1. This sound like fun!!! I will enjoy this with my family we are going for a week and a half to the west coast so we might as well just do this road trip with a twist we are all booked and set for november 2017.

    Its so nice of them being sponsers for the photo competitions. And not only for this one but also the next competition i will have to enter our son never know of we win its a bonus on our holiday.

    We go after our wedding so its called Hollymoon reason for that is we had the honey before the wedding so we will just holiday.

    I wont change it for anything whay better then to have our son with us for holiday.

    Lets hold thumbs in next competition to win.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      The West Coast really is a beautiful places @shane and you know what? Bringing up kids here is amazing 🙂 I am so grateful that I live here now.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Have a look at their website @shane – they have some really good accommodation deals where you can get 3 nights for the price of 2! That will save you some nice money 🙂

      Enjoy your Hollymoon!

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