Best Parenting Video You Will Ever See

I love this video. It just shows how so often we judge each other as parents for the choices that we make but in the end we are all parenting and being a parent is what comes first.

So let’s try and be supportive of all parents, no matter what their parenting choices are.

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  1. Wow how we judge each other real not cool and every parent raise their children the way the see fits and we are all doing a great job

  2. Anyway judging parents it’s everywhere as long as you know how to grew your children that count and mostly we grew our children in different manner after all we parenting.??

  3. @aasiya and what other people say it’s real don’t matter

  4. Oh my, how my heart stopped when the pram ran away! A very good reminder that we all have different circumstances and make the best choices we can for our own families.

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