Best Nappy Prices South Africa

Best Nappy Prices: Where to get nappies at the best rates!

As moms we all want to know where to get the best nappy prices and to be honest I think I found the place about a year ago and just have not had the time to share it with you. I wish I had because I am sure I could have saved a lot of mommies a lot of money in the last year!

Have a look at Takealot and what they offer. They are an online store and from what I can see they offer the best nappy prices. I have personally been purchasing from them for about a year.

They stock all the best brand nappies like Pampers and Huggies at the best prices I have come across. Not only do they offer the best prices but they also deliver to your door for free if your order is over a certain amount. Every time I order nappies for the month I get them couriered to my door for free.

When my daughter was doing potty training we used the Pampers girl pull up nappies. I could not get those in my town so had to drive to the next town just for nappies which was a royal pain. Once I found Takealot that heachache was over.
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I have also placed an order when I was away over December and they delivered to a farm in the middle of Swellendam and Bonnievale for free. So for all those mommies in out of the way areas, this is really a great website to use.

Other baby products are also available such as Johnson’s Baby Top to Toe an wetwipes. I’ll be honest here though I have been disappointed with the wetwipes! The only wetwipes I ever use for my children are the Johnson’s unfragranced ones. I have tried lots of other brands and have always been disappointed. Takelot has the Johnson’s unfragranced wetwipes on their website but they have never once been in stock. I am not sure if this is because they sell out so quickly or if they are never in stock.

I have also purchased various other products from Takealot such as dvds and a cd player for my daughter’s birthday present last year. The service has always been great, prices are usually unbeatable and delivery on time.

If you are an FNB customer and registered for ebucks, here is another bonus: you can use your ebucks to pay for Takealot purchases. When there are those tough months this has been a great bonus!

Happy shopping mommies!

Where do you think the best nappy prices can be found? Any nappy specials currently on the go that you can share with us?

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  1. Hi there, Game’s Pull up’s also go for R99 now and then, Spar R120. I’ve also seen that the Pampers are really going on Special more often nowadays.

    I love the Huggies Gold or Pampers Premium for my daughter.

    • Hi Rhyme

      Thanks for sharing these great specials! We always need to know where to get the best nappy prices!

      Kind Regards

  2. I use Huggies for boys and it’s a winner. When Aaron is old enough I will surely use the pull-up pants.
    Thank you

    • Hi Poppie

      Yes I also use Huggies for my son. I was a Pampers girl with my daughter but changed when my son arrived. For some reason every time he made a poop with the Pampers it went all the way up his back! I changed to Huggies and never had a problem again. I’ve since heard a few people say Pampers for girls and Huggies for boys 🙂

      Kind Regards

  3. Hi
    Thanks. But i use huggies pants for boys and it is 99.99 rand at baby city which is cheaper then takealot.


    • Hi Annelize

      Yes I have found specials at times cheaper than Takealot, but they are certainly very consistent with having incredibly low prices as well as stock… plus you don’t have to fill your trolley with huge packs of nappies and struggle to carry them into the house along with all your other shopping. I find this a massive bonus 🙂

  4. Hi how does it work, where do i get it? How do i pay?

    • Click on the links in the post to go through to the Takealot website 🙂 There are a few payment methods but you will have to check that on their website.

  5. Its always only pampers thats om special..using huggies gold…:)

    • Oh bummer Valerie 🙁 I was using Huggies Gold for my son and I was buying the big box, they have a really awesome offer in Huggies Gold for boys in a box. Maybe just have a search for that?

  6. Huggies gold boxes at game on special now for R299 till the 4th of december hope that helps

  7. In cape town pick n pay had a special on huggies today

  8. I also love ordering nappies from Takealot. They often have specials on their nappies. And its so easy and fast to place an order online. I found that Checkers and Dischem also have specials regurarly on the Pampers Pants.

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