best breastfeeding pumps

Best Breastfeeding Pumps

Are you trying to choose between the best breastfeeding pumps and don’t know where to start? Do you even need a breast pump?

I have breastfed two babies and I would highly recommend that you get yourself a breast pump if you are planning on breastfeeding your baby. Not only will it be highly practical if you need to express milk for your baby, it will also be very useful for when your baby has a growth spurt and you need to increase your milk supply!

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The first thing you need to decide is whether you will buy an electric breast pump or a manual breast pump.

Electric vs Manual Breast Pump

Electric Breast Pumps

  • You will be able to express more milk during a shorter period of time.
  • With a double electric pump you can dramatically decrease the amount of pumping time.
  • They can be noisy and instrusive.
  • They can be bulky and heavy to carry around.
  • You will need to be near an electric point to pump, although some electric breast pumps can also be operated with batteries.
  • Electric breast pumps are a lot more expensive than manual pumps, however if you are going back to work and plan to express regularly for your baby it will probably be a better buy than a manual pump.
  • Most electric breast pumps come with a carry bag that has a storage compartment for keeping your breast milk cool.

Manual Breast Pumps

  • Small and light so they are easy to take with you wherever you go.
  • You won’t need an electrical point so it is convenient to pump anywhere.
  • Much more affordable than electric breast pumps.
  • You have more control over the suction and speed.
  • More tiring to use and it takes longer to pump out enough for a feed.

Best Electric Breast Pumps

Philips Avent Electric Comfort Breast Pump

This breast pump is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon out of 66 reviews.


  • BPA Free
  • More comfortable pumping position due to unique design
  • Choose from 3 expression settings (low, medium, high) adder starting in the gentle stimulation mode
  • Soft, warm stimulation massage cushion now has a soft, warm texture intended to help stimulate milk flow
  • Compact, lightweight design for ease of use and transport- fewer light weight parts
  • Runs with batteries as well as power so very handy for on the go


Phillips Avent Electric Comfort Breast Pump
Freemie Freedom Electric Deluxe Set

  • Includes a set of Freemie Collection Cups that are compatible with the most popular electric pumps
  • To use the Freemie cups from this set with another pump, the appropriate connection kit for that pump is required
  • Includes sets of 25mm and 28mm funnels – try both sizes for the best fit and function
  • 32mm funnels are interchangeable with the cups and are available separately

The Freemie Freedom Double Electric Breast Pump Deluxe Set is the only complete electric breast pump set that allows you to pump with your clothes on. The Freedom pump includes the patented Freemie Hands Free and Concealable Collection Cups, which fit right inside your regular or nursing bra, underneath your clothing, so you can pump when you need to, where you need to.

The Freemie Freedom pump’s connection kit includes connections for single or double pumping, so you can get through your pumping routine quickly by double pumping, or single pump and nurse your little one at the same time – a great time saver.

The pump is 120VAC, and requires an electrical outlet. Each cup holds up to 8 ounces of milk, for a total of 16 ounces. Included spare parts in the Deluxe Set include an extra filter (filters should be changed every month or two during regular use, or in the event milk gets all the way down the tubing) and an extra duckbill valve (valves should be replaced if a deterioration in suction occurs over time). Additionally, the single pump tubing can be used as replacement tubing for the double pump setup.

Freemie Freedom Electric Deluxe Set

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump Backpack

  • Rated 4.5 stars out of 5 Stars on Amazon
  • Double pumping kit with Personal Fit breast shields
  • Can be plugged in or operated with AA batteries
  • 2-Phase expression technology with one-touch let-down button
  • BPA free

top rated breast pumps

Best Manual Breast Pumps

Tommee Tippee – Closer to Nature Manual Breast Pump


  • Natural feel expression with massaging ripples designed to mimic baby’s natural feeding action
  • Soft touch cup is comfortable and fits all breast sizes as well as being quiet and discreet
  • Compact and lightweight, Ideal for travelling or occasional expressing
  • Only 3 parts to assemble and super easy to clean
  • Includes: 1 x Closer to Nature Easi-Vent 150ml Baby Bottle • 1 x Milk Storage Pot • 6 x Disposable Breast Pads • 1 x Microwave Steriliser Box

Tomme Tippee Manual breast pump

Playtex Manual Breast Pump Starter Kit

  • Manual Breastpump with VentAire Bottle
  • 12-Piece Starter Kit
  • Connects to both wide and narrow bottles and is dishwasher safe
  • Ergonomically designed thumb grip requires less hand work and reduces fatigue
  • Lightweight, easy to store for On-The-Go use

Playtex Manual Breast Pump


NUK Jolie Manual Breast Pump (Multicolour)

  • 3.9 Stars out of 5 Stars on Amazon
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Few parts to assemble and clean
  • Skin-soft breast cushion
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy one hand pumping

Nuk Jolie Manual Breast Pump

What breast pumps would you recommend?

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  1. Gm.i have seen a manual breast pump at clicks.Clicks brand is it any good had any of the above and it’s quiet cheap.Dnt know if any mums have tried it.

    • Hi Ameera

      I haven’t used the Clicks manual breast pump, but Click are a good brand for most things and if it is quite well priced I would go for that rather than spending a huge amount of money on a very expensive brand. I haven’t heard of anyone that has tried the Clicks manual breast pump…

      Whichever breast pump you do buy please let us know here, so other moms can see what your experience was!

    • I saw on another mommy group on facebook that its a good pump. I used the Medela Harmony manual pump.

  2. Im using Tommee Tippee electric breast pump and im very happy with it.

  3. I also ise the clicks manual oump and tommi tippi electric pump i was blessed with so mich milk that i needed more than one pump

  4. Manual breast pump i think its the best and more comfortable for us mommies

  5. I expressed for 3 years. I first started off with the Tommee Tippee Electrical breast pump. It was very time consuming for me with very little milk expressed. I only had like two 10 minute breaks to express at work. I decided to buy the Medela Harmony Manual Breast pump. Wow I really loved this pump. Really worth every cent!

  6. Hi I too used the Medela Harmony Manual Breast pump. My babies could not latch on. I’ve tried everything but was determined to feed them breast milk. The Medela pump worked like magic. I had no problems. Glad I invested in a Medela pump.

    • Agree. Prefer this breast pump over any electrical pump.

    • I agree with @gaylem! The Manual worked so much better for me! I bearly pumped anything out with an electronic pump. Manual pump worked like a dream.

      • The manual also worked so much better for me too! It was nice being able to set my own pace, and oh my word is it quieter and less intrusive!

      • Exactly! And more affordable too… But on the other hand, it differs from mamma to mamma. Some women prefer the electronic one.

  7. I personally dont want to use a pump, maybe later on if i have to i will but in the beginning i want to breastfeed my girl, the bond is so powerful. But then also on the other hand if you are going to pump to much you wont have that much to give. Babies when the feed from the breast it simulate the milk supply and produce more milk where if you pump its just sucking out milk the is no simulation. but if i have to choose i will go with NUK or Madela.

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