Behind The Scenes 29 April 2022 – Qphoto Photobook Is On It’s Way!

It’s been another busy week behind the scenes 29 April 2022 – I’ve got some exciting things I’m working on. I’m also looking forward to next week being the last 4 day school week since it is starting to take it’s toll. We had school holidays followed by 5 weeks of 4 day school weeks, the last of these being next week. Enough already! I still don’t understand why our school didn’t have our school holidays over the Easter weekend!

Qphoto – First Photobook On The Way

I’m so excited to start my collaboration with Qphoto – I have designed and ordered my first photobook. The theme is my daughter’s first year, it seemed the best place for me to start.

The idea of having a physical photobook is something I really love and this was hammered home to me while designing my photobook.

I’ve got loads of photos, all very well organized into years and months saved in Dropbox. However I very rarely have a look at them. I also don’t post much on social media of my children. This photobook is going to be something the whole family can enjoy at home, as well as make fantastic gifts for family and friends.

I’m busy with designing one for my son’s first year and will place my order soon.

Order your Everyday Photobook from Qphoto using the code KABOUTJIE to get 15% off your order. You can also share a free digital copy of your photobook via email.

Therific Ideas

Therific Ideas sent me a lovely hamper that I am sending on to someone that really needs it! Therific Ideas manufactures lovely range of magnesium sulphate bubbly bath salts in different colours and scents. They have the Kiddy-Calm range for kids, Mai-Thaim for adults and Pure-Thaim which has no colourants, scent or bubbles, suitable for babies, pregnant women and those that have sensitive skin.

So a huge shout out to Therific Naturals for this beautiful gift that includes Raindough playdough!

Therific Ideas bath salts

Google Family Link & FYI play it safe

I’ve finally added Google Family Link and FYI play it safe to my kids’ phones. I’ve been successfully using Google Family Link for a week and I am really enjoying it. I can set total screen time limits for each day as well as times that they are allowed to use their phone so instead of telling them to get off their phones at 6h30pm for supper it is automatically done. Oh my word the pressure it takes off. There are also various settings for what they are and aren’t allowed to do.

It was a little tricky setting up the FYI play it safe app, not because of the app itself, the tricky part came in that the app is not yet on the Google Playstore. It will be available there very soon, however now you have to download the app from the website and install it, which is something I had never done and I had to change settings to allow the phone to install it. I had to do the same with both my kids phones as well as change settings within Google Family Link.

However from the time the app was installed on the phone it was super easy to set it up and link the phones. Funny thing though, I didn’t tell my daughter I had set it up on her phone and by the time I told her at dinner her response was “Oh was that a new app? I saw it, didn’t recognise it and deleted it”. Big time #FacePalm moment, so I will have to do it again.

I’m very excited to see FYI play it safe in action since one of my huge concerns for my kids is online safety. Click here to read about FYI play it safe and why you should have it.

Get 10% off your FYI play it safe subscription using my coupon code kaboutjie

Slipper Day – Friday 06 May 2022

Next week Friday is Slipper Day 2022 – support the initiative by wearing slippers and buying a R20 Sticker from Wimpy, Dis-chem, Pick n Pay, Toyzone or Baby City. Make sure to pop into Wimpy wearing your slippers and your sticker to claim your free coffee.

Click here to find out more about Slipper Day 2022.


I am still loving Sweatcoin, although it is not without its faults. I still want to use it for a while longer before I publish a review on my website. If you are interested in earning to walk you should really check it out. The simple explanation of this app is that you earn Sweatcoins for walking and then you can cash them out for various offers (that change all the time) through the app.

I’ve been using it for a few weeks and I really enjoy watching my Sweatcoins all up. Click here to sign up.

Ysense – Made Over $500 In 2022

This week I hit over $500 earnings for the 2022 year to date – that’s over R7887.56 for the year, not bad at all for a side income doing online surveys, completing offers, playing games and referring others!

Check out my review on Ysense here and also read my post sharing tips on how to earn more through Ysense.

If you want to sign up for Ysense click here.

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