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Is It Safe To Dye Your Hair While Pregnant?

There are many ways women pamper themselves, and the first one on the list is to get to the salon and get their hair done! Getting hair dyed, styling hair, and getting it trimmed are some of the things that are an important part of their beauty regimen that they enjoy.

However, when you are pregnant, all these things which seem routine may be called into question. One such question is whether it is safe to dye your hair while pregnant? 

Fortunately, dyeing your hair while being pregnant at the same time is considered safe, especially in the second and third trimesters. The good news is that the hair dye available has very little contact with your scalp. This means that the chances of the chemicals reaching from your scalp to your blood are almost negligible.

In order to find out whether is it safe to dye your hair while pregnant or not, you will need to read this article.

Is It Safe To Dye Your Hair While Pregnant?

What Is Hair Dye?

Obviously, hair dye is used to dye hair, and it comes in many different forms like permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary. The permanent hair colour is the most complicated process, and it can last for years with little-to-no fading.

Then there is the semi-permanent colour that just lasts a few weeks and can even be used as a touch-up colour. Last is the temporary hair which will fade away in a week or two.

Apart from these different types of hair dye, the applying techniques are also different. For instance, take the root touch-up technique; in this, the hair dye is applied directly to the roots of the hair.

The root touch-up technique is generally used to cover grey hair, and you can apply a single coat to lighten or darken the hair. To add style to your hair, you can individually paint strands to create contrast.

Is It Safe To Dye Your Hair While Pregnant?

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists states it is safe to use hair dye during pregnancy. According to the ACOG experts, dyeing your hair during pregnancy is considered safe for your fetus.

However, there is limited data available on the use of hair dye during pregnancy; the doctor suggests that the chemicals in these dyes are toxic but causes no harm during pregnancy, especially after the second trimester.

Dye nowadays is made of chemicals, but the scalp doesn’t absorb much dye because it sits on the hair follicle, which is actually dead. Also, if some follicle is alive, it absorbs very few chemicals from the blood.

This simply means that the risk of  the chemicals reaching the fetus in your  womb is negligible.

If you think that the hair color that sits for long on the scalp can be absorbed into the blood, you are wrong! Studies suggest that hair dye produces no harm to humans.

In short, getting hair dyed during pregnancy should pose no harm either to the mom or the baby.

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