Behind The Scenes 03 June 2022 – Sciatica Playing Up Again

It’s been another busy week behind the scenes 03 June 2022, and to top it off my sciatica has been playing up again which has been unpleasant. My daughter is in the middle of exams and my son has been doing assessments, and I’ve been really busy with work.

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Behind The Scenes 03 June 2022 - Sciatica Playing Up Again

Watch The Replay Of My Facebook Live Video – Behind The Scenes 03 June 2022

You can watch the replay of my live video on Facebook (below) or in the Youtube video above the post.

Sciatica Problems

Ever since I was pregnant with my first child I have had on and off issues with sciatica and last weekend it started playing up again. I was so chuffed that a few days before it started playing up I received a surprise delivery from Deep Heat & Deep Freeze. I received their new sprays, along with a branded towel, notebook and pen.

My husband and I love the sprays. My husband always applies Deep Heat when I have problems with my back but he doesn’t like getting it on his hands so he was super impressed that he can now spray it on without getting any on his hands since it does not have to be rubbed in.

While Deep Heat is fantastic to offer relief from my sciatica pain it does not resolve the problem long term. I am a huge fan of Body Stress Release. I see a lady called Norah from Body Stress Release West Coast and she is a miracle worker. Last year I took too long to make an appointment because life was so busy and I thought I could get some things done before I went for an appointment. It was a huge mistake and I my sciatica became so severe I could barely move for weeks!

This time I made an appointment immediate and saw Norah on Tuesday morning and by Wednesday morning I could already feel relief. I’ve been seeing Norah for 8 years, since I was pregnant with my second child to help with sciatica and pelvic pain.

If you have back problems or pelvic pain during pregnancy I highly recommend that you find a Body Stress Release practitioner.

Panado® Paediatric Syrup, Peppermint 5 ml Sachets

Winter is no fun for parents when kids get sick with colds and flu! The new Panado Paediatric Sachets are just the thing to keep on hand to combat winter colds and perfect for teething babies!

FYI play it safe webinar – Our Youth and Social Media; Uncensored – What your child is really exposed to online

Join Rachelle Best for the FYI play it safe webinar – Our Youth and Social Media; Uncensored – What your child is really exposed to online.  Thursday, 9 June 2022 from 11:00 to 12:00 or 19:30 to 20:30.  Tickets are R80.

Velddrif River Market

On Sunday we went out to eat at the Velddrif River Market restaurant and it was a delight! It is right on the river and has an amazing outside area. Due to the cold weather we ate inside, but we will be back when the weather is warmer. We were told that they have live music on weekends so that is something we would love to go back for.

We had ribs and chicken wings served on a spade which was certainly unique. The kids had burgers which they really enjoyed. The service was friendly and I was so impressed that the chef came out to check with our kids if they wanted garnish on their burgers or not. It is the small details that really impress.

SurveyTime – $1 Per Survey Immediate Payout

I’ve been playing around with a new survey site and I really like it, I will be writing a review on it as soon as I get a chance. What I love about this survey site is that you get paid immediately after your survey – there is no cash out amount you need to reach and it is so simple and fast. Most surveys pay $1 per survey but sometimes there are only surveys for $0.50. You can cash out via Paypal, Amazon gift card or Coinbase. I’ve tried all 3 cash out methods and been paid immediately. Read my SurveyTime review for more information.

Click here to sign up.

BuySmart – Tiger Brands

BuySmart is another rewards program that I have started using in the last week. It rewards you to buy Tiger Brands and it is run through Whatsapp. I’m still very new to it so I will write a review when I’ve used it for a longer period of time. You sign up by sending a WhatsApp message saying “Hi” to BuySmart on 072 897 6278.

Once you have signed up you can submit your till slips via Whatsapp and you get rewarded points for buying Tiger Brands products. Each product has a different points value. I have not yet cashed out any rewards so I can’t share about that process yet. However I do have enough points to cash out for mobile vouchers, but I want my points to add up a bit and also see if there are any other rewards that become available.

PanelSmart – Get Rewarded For Your Shopping

I joined PanelSmart this week – another app that rewards you for your shopping. You sign up on their website and then you will be contacted and asked some questions before you are approved.

Every time you shop you can your purchases and submit your till slip. You get rewarded an amount monthly depending on your activity and then you can cash that out in vouchers for various shops, including Takealot which is the shop I have my eye on.

Since I only joined a few days ago I can’t share much more about it, but when I know the ins and outs of it I will write a review.

Addiction eBook

Get 50% off my addiction ebook using coupon code TG36N – The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn.


I’m so super keen to start writing a review on Sweatcoin, however, I am still waiting for them to launch their SWEAT crypto so that I can include how that works. Sweatcoin is an app that pays you to walk. For every 1000 steps you take you earn one Sweatcoin. Sweatcoins can be cash in for offers in the app. I love the concept and I am really enjoying watching my Sweatcoins add up! Very soon SWEAT will be launched and when you earn Sweatcoins you will also earn SWEAT.

Click here to join Sweatcoin.

Ysense: Make Money Online With Surveys

I made $88.76 (R1378.26) from Ysense in May – which is not bad for a side income completing surveys and offers, playing games and referring others.

Read my Ysense review for how it all works, and click here to read my post sharing how to increase your Ysense earnings.

Click here to join Ysense.

Website Giveaways

My website competitions are back up and running! When my mental health was not so great a while back I had to decide what I could keep up with and what I had to let go off. I made the decision to stop my website competitions for a while since it is a huge amount of work setting up each competition. Now that things are getting easier I have picked it up again and my first competition in a while was published this week!

I have a new competition lined up to start each week until the end of June and I will be working on setting up some more. Check out my competitions page to enter.

This weekend is going to be crazy busy! My son has his first chess tournament tomorrow and it is a full day event. On Sunday my husband leaves for a 10 day trip to Thailand so I’m taking him to the airport which will be a 3+ hour round trip for me and the kids.

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  1. so glad deep heat sent you a pack to try out and that it came at the right time, deep heat does wonders ofr me and my family too. Panado Paed Sachets helped me this weekend for my trip to the berg, my baby is teething so this is a huge help.
    Th market sounds wonderful and has spectacular views. i have sent a message to the buysmart number and i have been sending through receipt not sure how it works yet though as i missed a huge chunk from last fridays live because i was so busy.

    ill check up on panelsmart, ysense always the best to earn cash, i forgot to use sweatcoin for the past 3 days. entered the website giveaways.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      It took me a little while to figure out BuySmart – to scan your slip first send a message “home” then you need to send a message “3” to scan your slip. PanelSmart is also a but confusing to use and a lot more work as you have to scan in every product you buy and enter in how much you bought and the prices, so it is a lot more complicated and long winded compared to SnapnSave – but it all adds up over time and I’m looking forward to cashing out!

      And yes I agree with you, Ysense is the best way to earn cash!

  2. Behind the scenes is always a catch up and love the way you always explain to us some things we forget and then we can go through ur post. Panado is my nr 1choice and the sachets is a real must have so convenient. I love deep heat it work wonders with our muscles. Kids hav so much activities and this products help alot with their muscles. Yesterday after soccer train my son was so in pain with a exercise and he runs to deep heat tube this morning he was a force way. I need that body stress release on my list. Ysense is the bomb and it’s s great app too slow but soon I will be raising more dollars. Sweetcorn is next. Veldrift looks amazing and I will definitely make a trip next time. I’m Loov save and you always help us and show us there is a way to save it’s a huge must have in our life spruces going up and we still stuck with less money. Every little helps thank you for all the giveaways too

    • Lynne Huysamen

      I’m so glad you enjoy my weekly updates! My live video is my favourite part of my work week 🙂 I’m working on some new ways to save and hopefully they all work out then I can share about them soon!

  3. Big up Lynn for putting that sciatica on its place and congratulations on your suprise gift and it seems like they knew what you needed right on time
    I signed up for panelsmart long time ago and I haven’t scanned anything yet I will have to take it seriously
    Winter is here and not my favourite season at all I so wish I could hibernate all winter long and come at summer kkkkkkkkkk
    Never knew about buysmart thanx for the heads up I will try it
    What does it take for you to qualify on surveytime every time I always get kicked out ???
    I’m here loving the panado paediatric syrup in satchets mamahood has never been made easier this is magnificent and makes me know I have flue and fever kicked off no stress for me
    I did see the new giveaways and I can say wow the dinosaur one takes the cake for me i just can’t wait to see the new Jurassic movie on screens unfortunately with a baby cinema’s are a no go area for me but will anxiously wait when it hits the home screen

    • Lynne Huysamen

      My sciatica has completely cleared up already, Body Stress Release works miracles for me every single time and so grateful for the Deep Heat to help me until it cleared up! I do find PanelSmart quite a bit of effort having to scan everything in, but if it saves me money long term I’m in.

      Regarding SurveyTime – it is the same as all survey platforms, they are looking for specific people for each survey and you will never know what they are looking for. Some days I manage to do 2 surveys there and other times I might not qualify for a few days.

      We are also really keen to see Jurassic World: Dominion – but we live 150kms from the nearest cinema so it is not exactly convenient to get to watch movies at the cinema, otherwise we would watch it as soon as it comes out. I am in Cape Town this weekend but I am visiting my sister and not sure I will be able to make it.

  4. Tshegofatso Washington

    My mom uses Deep Heat quite frequently so I’m familiar with it, not so much as Deep Freeze though, I didn’t even know it existed until I saw it on your Live lol.
    I need to do some research on it as I had my baby via C-section and so struggle quite a bit with my back sometimes.
    All this baby wearing isn’t helping aswell ?.

    I often hear of pregnant ladies complaining of Sciatica, I didn’t know it affects you you’ve had babies aswell, hope you feel and get better soon Lynne !! Xoxo

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