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Are Silicone Baby Bowls Safe?

Finding appropriate feeding gear is crucial. Parents start stocking up the equipment necessary for feeding as soon as the baby is born. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult for parents to find out what is best for the little one. One type of feeding equipment that is gaining popularity among parents is silicone bowls. Many parents, without having any knowledge regarding their safety, buy silicone bowls just because they are durable and unbreakable.

There is no definitive answer as to whether silicone baby bowls are safe or not. It is a common belief that the quality of a silicone bowl is what determines its safety.  While high-quality silicone bowls like the ones offered by are extremely safe, the poor-quality silicone bowls impose risks to the health of babies. So, parents must inspect the quality of the bowl carefully before using it with their baby.

Shared below is the detailed analysis of silicone bowls including what makes them safe and unsafe. Reading this will help you as a parent in making an informed decision:

Are Silicone Baby Bowls Safe?

What Makes Silicone Baby Bowls Safe?

Some of the factors that make silicone baby bowls safe to use include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Silicone Baby Bowls Are Made Up of Food-Grade Material

Food-grade materials don’t transfer toxins or chemicals into food. Silicone baby bowls have food-grade materials that make them safe for use. Being non-toxic, silicone baby bowls don’t impose any risk to the food.

  1. Silicone Baby Bowls Don’t Have Pores

Being nonporous, silicone bowls don’t absorb food or bacteria. The absence of pores makes it easier for parents to clean the bowl properly. Bowls that absorb food and bacteria, i.e., have open pores are not considered safe. Many health experts and pediatricians have appreciated non-porous silicone baby bowls.

  1. Silicone Baby Bowls Are Easy to Clean

Silicone baby bowls are very easy to clean. You can simply clean them with your hands or can put them in the dishwasher. Being easy to clean, silicone baby bowls reduce the risk of foodborne diseases in babies. The ease of cleanliness and quality of silicone bowls make them safe for babies.

  1. Silicone Baby Bowls Don’t Absorb Food or Smell

Having the quality of not absorbing food or smells, silicone bowls keep the food fresh and pure for a long time. Poor quality bowls are likely to absorb the small particles and smell of food, which is unlikely to leave even after several washes. You can use a silicone baby bowl for years without having to worry about it being smelly.

  1. Silicone Baby Bowls Are BPA Free

Silicone baby bowls are mostly free of BPA and other harmful materials. Parents know BPA is harmful to the health of their little ones, so they always go for BPA-free options. The absence of other harmful materials makes silicone baby bowls safe not only for the baby but also for our environment.

  1. Silicone Baby Bowls Are Unbreakable

Another factor that compels us to regard silicone baby bowls as safe is that they are unbreakable. Babies love throwing the bowl once they are done eating. Plastic or other bowls often break, hurting the baby or someone else. Silicone baby bowls are made up of sturdy material and hence are loved by parents.

  1. Silicone Baby Bowls Can Withstand High Temperature

The silicone material is used in many cooking utensils as it doesn’t transfer chemicals into food when heated. You can pour hot food into the silicone baby bowl or can put it in the microwave without having to worry about it melting or being damaged. Parents have agreed to the fact that silicone bowls are heat resistant, and hence are safe for their little one.

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What Makes Silicone Baby Bowls Unsafe?

Some of the factors that make silicone baby bowls unsafe include:

  1. Not All Health Experts Suggest The Use of Silicone Baby Bowls

The first thing that causes the parents to believe that silicone baby bowls are not safe is that many health experts have opposed the idea of using them. Due to differences in perspectives, not all health experts can agree on the same point. The divided opinion regarding the use of silicone baby bowls causes many parents to avoid their use.

  1. Silicone Bowls Can Be Tripped Easily

Silicone baby bowls are extremely light weighted. If not suctioned, babies can easily knock over the silicone bowl. The knocking over creates a huge mess but can also hurt the baby. Considering this, many parents avoid buying silicone baby bowls for their babies. However, you can counter this problem by buying a silicone suction bowl that is not likely to fall at all.

  1. Silicone Baby Bowls Are Often Dyed With Toxic Chemicals

Babies’ products are often made attractive using colors. The use of poor-quality colors or dyes in bowls has an adverse impact on the safety of the food served in them. Some silicone bowls are dyes using harmful dyes and chemicals. Parents cannot figure out the quality of dyes and hence can make the wrong purchase. The toxic chemicals transfer toxins into the food, hence are harmful for the baby’s health.

  1. Some Bowls May Include Harmful Materials

Not all silicone bowls are made up of safe material. Some bowls include BPA and other harmful chemicals. The presence of BPA and chemicals make these bowls unsafe for use. As a parent, you need to find a quality silicone bowl for your baby.


We have discussed all the possible points that make silicone baby bowls safe and unsafe for use. Remember to take enough time to reflect on all these points, and then make your final decision. Don’t feel ashamed in consulting your pediatrician If you lack the ability to make a proper decision.

Also, remember that the safety of silicone baby bowls also depends on how you use them. Make sure to clean the bowl properly, sterilize it frequently, replace it when needed, and keep it in a proper place.

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