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6 Fun Practical Gifts For Kids

If you are looking for an amazing gift for your child consider looking at practical gifts for kids. Children love toys, which are usually the top item on the list when we want to spoil our kids for their birthdays, special holidays, or simply a reward for good behaviour. But there is also a broad selection of practical non-toy gifts that can be used over and over. Just because they are not toys doesn’t mean your kids won’t love them. Here are a few of our top items on the list as far as practical gifts for kids goes.

6 Fun Practical Gifts For Kids

6 Fun Practical Gifts For Kids

Fashion & Beauty Items

We all have received our fair share of underwear and socks as part of our Christmas gift collection. But there are many clothing options that will get your child jumping for joy. Have you thought about a pair of slippers? If you want to buy slippers online, then you are spoiled for choice. There are so many fun options available nowadays. Even kids have times when they don’t want to play and simply want to relax in a comfy pair of slippers while watching their favourite movies or shows.

Character branded clothing items are huge in the market, whether you shop online or in a brick-and-mortar shop. You’ll find shoes, clothes, swimwear, and slippers everywhere you look with popular characters from movies like Frozen or Paw Patrol. Brands also sell specially designed beauty products for little girls that are themed.  Even a brand-new pair of shoes or a swimsuit will bring a smile to your little one’s face.

New Décor or Bedding

Kids get really excited about giving their rooms a makeover, especially if they get to choose new bedding or fun accessories to make the space their own. Think about things that will make their room comfier, more exciting, and tidier. It should be a space where they feel comfortable and can escape to when they want to be left in peace. Many stores carry a fun selection of trendy or themed bedding sets and pillows that come at a budget-friendly price.

Piggie bank

Piggy Bank

Gone are the days when piggy banks are limited to piggies. A broad selection of themed and character piggy banks are available to buy online or in-store. Piggy banks offer an excellent way to teach your kids the value of money, how to budget, and save some money for a rainy day. These items are sturdy and easy to open. You don’t have to grab a hammer to smash it once your little one is ready to cash in.

You can start the process by gifting your child a piggy bank with a few pocket change to get them going. The idea is to teach your child the value of money from a young age, and if they are patient and save, they can eventually afford the expensive Lego set they have their heart set on. It also teaches them to be more responsible with money and appreciate the sacrifices we sometimes have to make when we want something but cannot afford it right away.

Funky Alarm Clock

Just like saving, your child needs to learn the concept of time and how to read it. What better way to teach them than by investing in a funky alarm clock? You can select a fun character clock, one that will encourage them to go to bed or get out of bed when it’s time to get ready for school.

Tee Pee Or Playhouse

Every child enjoys a secret hideaway – a place where only they have access or choose who can enter. A comfy place where they can play, read a story, or share fun activities with friends. There are many superior-quality options available that are made with durable materials and feature fun and fresh designs.

Kids toy box

Toy Box

Are your kids’ rooms strewn with toys with hardly any room to walk? No matter how many times you tell them to tidy up, the clutter seems to be a never-ending nightmare. A stunning toy box can solve the problem and provide a fun storage space for toys, crafts, and other playthings. Some pieces are not just practical storage solutions but make fun decorative items too. There are many options available online, which can even be passed down for generations.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed our post about the six fun, practical gifts for kids that are our top choices. Even though toys remain the number one gift item, there are many other selections to choose from that are not just practical choices but also fun and exciting! Happy shopping.

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