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9 Best Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Almost everyone knows what a baby shower party is and most pregnant moms to be have one, however you may not have heard of gender reveal parties which are a really hot and growing trend! If you want to have an additional celebration with your friends and family then a gender reveal party is just the thing.

The moment you find out the gender of your baby is incredibly special and one of the first things you will be asked every time someone finds out you are pregnant is whether it is a girl or a boy.

A gender reveal party gives you a fun and exciting way to share the news with everyone and a great excuse to have a party and celebrate the life growing inside of you.

You can grab a gender reveal party package that is gender neutral and then add something fun to share the gender of your baby, there are so many fun and exciting gender reveal products on the marker to choose from.

Here are some great gender reveal party ideas for you:

 Best Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Gender Reveal Cake

A gender reveal cake is right up top as one of the most popular ways to announce the gender to your guests. You can color your cake pink or blue inside and then ice your cake to hide the color, or you can cut a hole inside the cake and add either pink or blue sweets to reveal the gender – when it is cut open all the sweets will fall out.

Gender Reveal Confetti Poppers

Confetti poppers are fun and festive, plus they are a great way to share the big announcement with your guests. It will also be lovely for taking amazing photos if you have confetti floating around.

Gender Reveal Votes

At the beginning of your party get everyone to guess whether it is a girl or a boy and they get to wear a sticker for the duration of the party which shows which “team” they have chosen. You can also have a voting board.

You could also tell your guests to arrive dressed in blue or pink to cast their  votes.

At the end everyone that guessed correctly get a token prize for guessing the gender correctly.


Gender Reveal Pinata

Everyone loves pinata – it makes a party very festive and fun. It is also great for everyone to join in the fun from the youngest child to the oldest.

You just need to fill the pinata with blue or pink sweets of your choice and when it breaks open the gender of your baby will be revealed to everyone.

Gender Reveal Balloon

Share your big announcement with a gender reveal balloon. It comes with pink and blue powder to put in the balloon. The color can’t be seen through the balloon. When the balloon is popped the gender will be revealed by the powder color.

Gender Reveal Scratch Cards

Gender reveal scratch cards are loads of fun. You can hand them out to your guests when they arrive. They also make the perfect fun way to  reveal your baby’s gender to friends and family that live far away – post them a gender reveal scratch card so they can feel included in the big announcement.

Old Wives Tale Game

We’ve all heard old wives tales about baby’s gender. Get your guests to ask you questions and evaluate your bump. They can see how high you are carry, ask whether you have morning sickness, whether you are craving salty or sweet things.

Then based on the answers they can try to guess the answer. This is sure to bring loads of laughter and fun to the party and who knows maybe the old wives tales will be right?

Gender Reveal Box

A gender reveal box is a great way to reveal your baby’s gender and it is such a simple idea. Grab a big box and fill it with either pink or blue helium balloons before closing the box. When you open the box all the balloons will float out .

Gender Reveal Silly String

Silly string is loads of fun, if a little bit messy… this is a lovely way to share your baby’s gender with your guests – give them each a can of silly string. It may be best to do this outside rather than inside so this will suit a summer’s day gender reveal party.

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  1. I just love the whole idea of gender reveal parties. Even though I have never been to one yet, always wanted tone for myself, also hasn’t happened yet. I think life has just been happening lol. But it looks and sounds like something fun to have.

  2. I had a gender reveal it was soooo special. I also didn’t have a baby shower due to lockdown so I’m very glad we did a gender reveal

    • I wish I had a gender reveal party for my kids… however, my second child was going to be a girl, then turned out he was a boy LOL. I would have had to have 2 gender reveal parties for him!

  3. I love the whole gender reveal idea I would have loved to do something like it. Thanks for the ideas maybe one day in the future I will use one

  4. absolutely love these ideas

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