9 Best Benefits Of Vegan Protein Powder

There are multiple benefits associated with taking plant-based protein powder shakes as plants are a wonderful source of protein which is just as effective as other types of powder and they are vegan-friendly.

Benefits of plant-based protein powders


Manufacturing of plant-based powders requires less water, land and other resources to grow crops for plant-based powders which makes it an eco-friendly option as plants are biodegradable. Large farms with livestock generate a ton of waste which are the primary cause of greenhouse gas emissions that has a negative impact on the environment.


Plant-based powders are an excellent option for individuals that suffer from whey or gluten allergies. This means that they can focus on getting their bodies feeling great without having to worry about allergic reactions.

Fiber Content

Protein powders made from plants pack a powerful fiber punch which is made up of insoluble as well as soluble fiber that contributes to a smooth-running digestive system especially when you’re looking to follow a healthy diet. Fiber is especially advantageous for a healthy heart which is a vital factor for dieting and exercising.

Boosting Metabolism

Protein in the body takes a little longer to digest than fat or carbohydrates. For effective weight loss, it is essential to eat enough protein to boost your metabolism. Plant-based vegan shake are helping your body burning extra fat that you’re trying to get rid of as they work double so hard to help you with achieving your weight-loss goals since they contain both fiber and protein.

Stabilizing PH Levels

Carbohydrates and meat are acidic in nature and can cause an imbalance in our body’s PH levels. Green plants with a higher level of chlorophyll provide the necessary alkalinity that our bodies need to maintain a healthy PH level.

Healthy Vitamins And Minerals

Plant-based or vegan diets are packed with a range of healthy vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that in addition to the protein content keeps our bodies strong and healthy. It should be noted that you can’t live off just your protein powder, just as a meal replacement here and there.

Containing No Harmful Ingredients

Some Protein powders that are made from livestock often contain harmful antibiotics and growth hormones which is not the case with plant-based protein powders. It is true that some farms treat their plants with pesticides which can be detrimental. Therefore, it’s always best to look for pure USDA certified Organic and Vegan-friendly powders.

Containing Healthy Fats

Protein powders do contain fats which are acceptable because our bodies need fats to absorb some vitamins and is essential for specific body functions. Saturated fats found in plants like coconuts are great for weight-loss.

Excellent For Counting Calories

Fruits and vegetables contain fewer calories which enables you to eat a healthy plate of morsels or drink a plant-based meal replacement shake without the need of counting calories. Protein shakes provide you with a more condensed form of fruit and vegetable intake and is super healthy.

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  1. I love adding vegan protein powder to my smoothies – it is a great way to get the day started! I also use superfood powder in my smoothies.

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