Beneficial Moving Day Tips For When You’re Moving To Another State

It can be an overwhelming and problematic experience to move Interstate if you have not planned appropriately and are unprepared.

These tips can help you with the process of moving house Interstate.

  1. Ask For Assistance

Being at both locations at the same time is impossible. Therefore, it is advisable to ask someone you trust to be at either of the two places to keep an eye on the moving process to make things a little easier on you.

  1. Check The Moving Truck

Once everything is unloaded, double check the moving truck to make sure that nothing is left behind.

  1. Packing Your Belongings

If you’re not enlisting the help of your movers with the packing side of things, make sure you are wrapping everything securely and cleanly. Butchers paper or white paper sheet can prevent stains and when you’re closing the boxes, ensure that you’re adding packaging tape to the bottom, top and sides of the boxes. Carefully label each box with a brief description and making use of color coding for the different rooms can be beneficial when you’re unpacking the cartons in your new home. People are often unsure as to where they need to begin. Always pack room by room and start with items that you use less frequently. Avoid overloading of boxes as it can lead to injury and make lifting more difficult. The weight of each box should not surpass 20kg. Make sure you fill empty spaces with appropriate packing supplies such as bubble wrap, clothing, tea towels and fabric to avoid items from moving around in the boxes.

  1. Hire Professionals

Interstate removalists are highly competent and have the relevant experience that comes with moving your possessions long-distance. Be transparent about what items you’ll be packing yourself and which ones you want the professional packers to take care of.

  1. Other Helpful Tips Relating To The Move 

  • Make sure all boxes are packed securely, closed and taped and avoid any items from sticking out of the boxes.
  • Avoid leaving items in cupboard drawers to save space as it will place an extra weight burden on the already heavy furniture. You can also increase the risk of breakage and injury during movement or transit.
  • Moving to a new house can be hectic, therefore make a list of items that you’ll be needing during your first night at the new home, i.e., towels, toiletries, bed linen, and clothing and keep them in a box with you to ensure they are easily accessible.
  • Pack clothing which is out-of-season in vacuum sealed bags.
  • Use your suitcases, laundry bins and baskets to store clothing in and make good use of them.
  • When you’re packing sharp objects such as scissors or knives, ensure that their edges are well protected and insulated.
  • When you’re packing plates, makes sure you stack them vertically (like in a dishwasher) as this option will cause less likelihood of breakages.

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