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8 Ways A Mattress Can Negatively Impact Your Health and Sleep

Hopping on the bed after a long day of all the hustle of life is the best feeling. Your bed is like a sacred place in your home where you can wash off all stress you had to go through. An uninterrupted sleep on the bed can cheer you up for the next battle of life. After you wake up from the sleep you will feel you can achieve anything today. But the problem arises when you do not have a good quality mattress. It can affect your health and disrupt your sleep as well. Here are ways your mattress can ruin both your health and sleep.

8 Ways A Mattress Can Negatively Affect Your Health and Sleep

The mattress which has mites:

Dust mites are microscopic creatures. They are related to the spider family. Humid climate is their favorite place to be. They get their daily nourishment from the dead skin cells of the human body. They are so dangerous that they make your home their own sweet home and you would never know about it. It does not necessarily need an unclean house. A very clean and spotless home can be under their attack. These dust mite can give you major allergic attack by their decaying bodies. There can be coughing, sneezing, a runny nose, and itchy eyes. If you are thinking about getting a new mattress, then look for the best quality in Casper mattress review.

Make sure you also know how to get rid of bed bugs in your mattress – bed bugs are also terrible household pests.

Unsupportive mattress can give severe back pain:

Adequate spine support is the primary cause for changing a bedding.  Our spine is made up of interlocking bones called vertebrae that has a natural curve. Any push can cause damage to the spine. A soggy mattress can do this to our spine. Mattress thickness matters so much to your spine health. Look for a good mattress in Casper mattress reviews to get the best supportive mattress. Do not worry about your old mattress as there are so many places for recycling old mattresses. So change the mattress without hesitation.

Lumpy mattress causes neck pain:

If you have neck pain every day but cannot figure out why then, check your mattress. A bumpy and soggy mattress does not give enough support that a neck needs. Your body may end relation with neck where the sagginess of mattress is. To solve this problem try to sleep on two flat pillows at night. Or change your mattress for better. Check out Casper mattress reviews to look for the best mattress in the market. Concentrate on mattress thickness because, in the long run, the mattress will not become loose.

Woman sleeping on uncomfy mattress

Joint-pain caused by firm mattress:

If you over thought on saggy mattress problem and decided to get the firmest mattress then hold on. It is terrible for the joints that you will have crazy joint pain. Go for the medium firm mattress if you are thinking about buying a new mattress. The medium firm mattress will provide support as well as comfort. If the mattress thickness is too much, then you will have a problem with falling asleep. And getting up with the sore body is not going to be strange because you know the deal. Joint pain can also cause other health issues. Talk to your doctor about this. May you are suffering from nutrition deficiency.

Night sweat because of mattress:

Sometimes we wake up in the middle of the night showering on our sweat. We cannot figure out why because the room temperature is not that high. The real culprit is your mattress here. Anti-depressants, stress, menopause or a couple sleeping positions can also cause night sweat. That case is different and talks to your doctor about that. But studies have shown that a poor quality material can contribute to the night sweat. A material that hugs the body in much density can keep the heat your body releases. So whenever you or your friends are buying a mattress, tell them to think about mattress material.

How to properly take care of a mattress:

A mattress is capable of giving years of comfortable sleep. The manufacturer suggests that you change your mattress every eight years. But a mattress that is well cared can go up to 10 years. There are some things that you should take care to make the mattress last. Do not let your kids jump on the mattress, it should be a strict rule of your home if you want the mattress last longer. Rotate the mattress now and then. Maybe every two month is good. Sleeping in the same position for years is going to make the mattress lumpy. To prevent the sagging use bed frame.


That’s it for today. Sleeping is the most precious thing for the human body. We cannot go for some day without having a sound sleep. Yes, it is expensive to have a good mattress. But after you get one, it will be worth every single penny that you spent there.  A home becomes home for becoming the only place in the world that offers comfort.

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