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7 Holiday Light Ideas To Wow Your Neighbors

Holiday season is coming exceptionally quickly; it seems to get here earlier and earlier every year! With all the festivities and often hectic work schedules it is often the simplest things that make you feel good. In fact, something as simple as coming home to a block full of lights is a great way to help you get into the spirit.

But, how do you choose the right lights to make sure your house really stands out and impresses your neighbors?

The first thing to do, before you try out one of the following ideas is to contact electricaldetectives.com.au. You need your electrics checked. After all the last thing you want is the lights to go out at the crucial moment!

You should also consider the cost of installing and running your holiday lights. The average cost is estimated to be $412; of course installing them yourself will reduce this price.

7 Holiday Light Ideas To Wow Your Neighbors

  1. Projector Lights

This is one of the easiest ways to get started with holiday lights. Simply set up the projector and it will create a light pattern or an image on your wall. These devices are designed to sit outside in all weathers; all you need to do is set the time for it to come on and off.

  1. Strings

String lights are a traditional option and one that you should definitely use. These should be placed round the edging of your fascia. Alternatively you can opt for the even more traditional icicle look.

String lights are also effective when they go from your home to a nearby tree or even spread across a bush. Just make sure any cables are above head height or protected on the ground.

  1. Solar Power

Getting power all round your garden can be tricky. To help reduce the load on your grid and avoid having extension cables everywhere you should consider using solar power to run some of the lights in your garden.

Purchase a good set and they’ll last for years.

  1. Existing Lighting

A great tip is to change the color of the bulbs in your existing outside lighting. Green and red bulbs are a great way to add a little festive cheer.

  1. Animals

If you have any lawn space then you need to create a scene. Animals, such as polar bears or reindeer are great.

Alongside these you can get snowmen or children playing. In fact you can get almost any type of light in this category; let your imagination run wild.

  1. The Wreath

A traditional holiday light is the wreath which is usually positioned on your door but can be put anywhere. If you prefer you can use a star.

Put it on the highest wall you have and it will act like a beacon across your neighborhood.

  1. The Roof

If you can get onto your roof relatively easily then this is another space where you can create a fantastic scene. The traditional approach is Santa Claus on or going down your chimney but again you can let your imagination run wild!

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