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8 Essential DIY Tools Every New Homeowner Should Own

Some DIY tools make the life of any homeowner easier and therefore if you are a new homeowner, then you should definitely own these tools. Because basic repairs that don’t require the wisdom of hardcore tools should be known by everyone who owns a house. The following tools will make your life easier in the same:

8 Essential DIY Tools Every New Homeowner Should Own

  1. Hammer

The most basic tool that every house should have, hammer is the most basic tool that your toolbox should have. There are many types of hammer, both in size and shape. When buying one, check the weight when you buy one because you need to carry and swing it without much difficulty. Also, buy one with straight claws because it is more useful in most housework.

  1. Toolbox

A good toolbox will help you store all your tools and will help you get more organized. When buying one, check if it has enough space to carry twice the tools you currently own. This is because you will end up buying more in the future. You can also make a wall only for carrying tools in your garage if the space is not enough.

  1. Screwdriver Set

A high-quality screwdriver is a necessity that you should not ignore because it will help you the most in the most routine repair work.  Screwdrivers can be used as pry bars and chisels and therefore you need to buy a good quality set to make them last longer. The set you buy should have different types of screwdrivers like one with a straight blade, both large and small Philips and one with a straight blade.

  1. Needle Nose Pliers

Needle nose pliers are called so because they have a “long nose” that can reach small and hard to reach places. It is also a tool that is commonly used in most repair work and therefore should be present in your toolbox. Research and learn more before buying something that has a place to cut wires because that way you can avoid purchasing a separate pair of wire cutters.


  1. Pry Bar

A ten to twelve-inch bar can be useful to pry apart wood and also on other materials. They can also be used to pull nails and are not that expensive. Pry bar can be more useful than what most people assume them to be and therefore should be a part of your toolbox. They are also not that expensive and therefore won’t cost you much.

  1. Tape Measure

A good quality tape will go a long way and can be helpful for a number of things. You should buy one that has a three fourth inch wide blade because anything less than that won’t be much helpful. Also buy a longer measuring tape (about 25 or 30 foot tape) because it would be easier to make room measurements.

  1. Drill

This is a power tool that should be with all new homeowners because it might be expensive but the extra cost is totally worth it. You would be using drill in almost all your repairs and it will shorten the time that you will spend on both basic and complicated repairs. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when buying a drill like it should have different speeds and have a chuck of half inch.

  1. Chisel

Chisel can be a substitute to reduce wear and tear on your screwdriver set. You need to make it does not have a wooden or a plastic handle. Buy a metal chisel blade because that would be sturdier when used with a hammer. Buying any other material would shatter easily and therefore only metal should be the preferred material.

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