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Gift Ideas for Tech-Savvy Moms

Mothers of this era need to be in the know when it comes to the lingo—the juicy happenings—and what better way to do so than to get to know the tech. In this day and age, everything can be learned through the internet, and the tech that is available is nothing short of being amazing at keeping you in the know. For the tech-savvy moms out there, technology is just another thing to get into for a chance to talk with the kids. These things also make life so much easier. It’s just a click away from learning a new recipe or just a swipe away to get talking with other moms. For whatever reason that a mom should have to own some tech, here are a few great gift ideas for tech-savvy moms.

Gift Ideas Tech Savvy Moms

Tablet or E-book Reader

Moms love to read no matter what it is. Let it be cookbooks so they can cook up new recipes for the next family dinner, housekeeping magazines for the latest trends in keeping a happy home, or even just a good novel to read before they go to bed. A tablet or e-book reader is a great gift choice for any mom. Not only that, moms get to experience audiobooks and podcasts now with this nifty gadget. A definite win-win situation for everyone!

Smart Jewelry

It is the age of smart gadgets, and with the technology now getting smaller and sleeker, it is no wonder there is even smart jewelry available in the market now. There are quite a few good-looking ones in the market that range from necklaces, bracelets to rings. There is even a necklace that can track one’s cycle and keep readings of stress levels in their memory. With so many kinds to choose from, it would be a waste not to get one for your favorite woman on earth—your mother.


A staple in this age of wearable tech, smartwatches are a great gift to give for techy moms. Most smartwatches are great for the more fitness-loving mothers out there; however, the rise of more stylish smartwatches just goes to show how much these things are getting more popular with people. Smartwatches can keep track of sleeping habits, heart rates, and more. It’s a great accessory to add to any mother’s fashion statement.

Smart Speaker

Stay-at-home mom’s love the stillness and quietness of the home, but a little upbeat music can invigorate any household. Gift techy moms a smart speaker, and they’ll never want to leave the house! With apps like Alexa or Google Assistant, smart speakers are a great way for moms to get instant access to anything they love with just a little call. Smart speakers can even be given home-automation access if the house is equipped to be so, so mothers can go in and out of any room while calling out orders to the speaker. A very nifty piece of technology, I dare say!

MacBook HDMI Adapter

Working mothers will want to be able to access anything and everything instantly, which is why gifting them with a MacBook HDMI adapter is a great idea as it gives them the ability to access all the things they need. Equipped with a type C slot, three USB 3 slots, two card-reader slots, and an HDMI plug, this adapter is a true godsend for any working mother. She would never want to take this off her MacBook ever again!

Security Camera

A mom would prefer that her flock—her family—is protected at all costs, and when she’s away from home, a watching eye is a great way for her to keep track of the ins and outs of the house. Gift your mom with a high-tech security camera that can easily be connected to her phone with just a tap. This is great for moms with babies so they can keep track of them when asleep. A must-have for any techy mom!

Robot Vacuums

Another great invention of this time, robot vacuums are great little helpers that can get the gunk and grime off floors, which you can just turn on and forget about. Any mom would like a little helper of their own, and the more tech-savvy moms will love this. Robot vacuums come in different sizes, but low-clearing vacuums mean that they can get under sofas and beds without the worry of getting stuck under them. Many of these are also hands-free, so it’ll give Mom more time to do other things and less time to clean!

So what’s your favorite gift idea? No matter what it is, a mother will appreciate anything and everything you give them. As they say, it is the thought that counts. Don’t forget about giving the gift of technology to your mom today.


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  1. I love the security camera gift that can be easily connected to your phone.”Always better safe than sorry”

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