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6 Powerful Affirmations For A Peaceful Birth

As exciting as being pregnant can be for us women, it is also downright terrifying at times. From wondering which foods are safe to whether or not you will have safe labor, all of the unknowns can start to pile up in our minds in the months leading up to giving birth

Luckily, there are a few easy things that you can do to smooth out the process.

Mindfulness-based exercises, for example, significantly help reduce anxiety during the third trimester and mind-body therapies can shorten overall labor time.

And the easiest way to bring mindfulness exercises and mind-body therapies to your day-to-day routine is with positive affirmations.

Ready to give them a try?

Here are six positive affirmations for you to recite for a peaceful birthing experience.

6 Powerful Affirmations For A Peaceful Birth


  1. I accept myself completely here and now

So much anxiety is caused by thoughts of the future. We wonder what will happen, when it will happen, and how it will happen. This is especially true during pregnancy as we begin to wonder if we are ”ready” to give birth or if we’ve done everything “right”.

Rather than letting yourself spiral into a panic, ground yourself with this positive affirmation.

Try It Now: Find a comfortable position, preferably with your back upright. If you’re comfortable with it, close your eyes and envision your baby growing inside of you. Take a deep breath, imagining the oxygen coming in through your nose, moving down to your lungs, and flowing back out. Relax your facial muscles and release any tension held in your neck and shoulders. Relax your arms at your sides, letting your hands fall open wherever they are. On the next in-breath, say to yourself either out loud or in your mind, “I accept myself completely”. On the out-breath, say,  “here and now.” Repeat this affirmation to the pace of your breath 10 more times.

  1. I am open and accepting of my pregnancy experience

No matter what we initially think pregnancy will be like, the truth is that it will be different than what we expected it to be. And holding onto those expectations of what pregnancy would be like can get in the way of experiencing what it’s actually like for you right now.

Whenever you find yourself experiencing something unexpected or uncomfortable, such as yet another round of morning sickness or unexplainable flatulence, give this positive affirmation a try.

Try It Now: Quietly observe your experience in your body and with your baby. Observe the way that your body has adapted the extra weight of the new life forming inside of you. Notice all the ways that it has changed in order to support this new life. Take slow, deep breaths and notice the way your body moves with each breath. In between each breath, say to yourself, “I am open and accepting of my pregnancy experience.”

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  1. My intuition is stronger now than it has ever been before

As scary as pregnancy might be, the truth is that women were designed to give birth. It is a very important part of the human design and so every cell in our bodies is prepared for the experience. Trust that!

The next time you’re feeling uncertain about whether or not you’re ready or know what you’re doing, say this affirmation.

Try It Now: Find a comfortable position and relax all of the muscles in your face and body. Take a deep breath and gently close your eyes.

  1. I embrace my pregnancy as a catalyst for radiant well-being and transformation

There’s a reason why so many parents say that they never knew love until they met their first child…

…having a baby changes you, inside and out. It stretches your body in new ways, releases a chemical soup of love hormones in your brain, and shifts your worldview so drastically that many feel as if they’ve shed a veil they once wore. When your life priorities become crystal clear like this, you are unbound by hesitation or doubt.

Acknowledge that and make space for that! Recite this affirmation to help keep this in mind.

Try It Now: This affirmation works well with movement, such as light exercise, walking, or yoga. The next time you are active, recite this affirmation.

  1. I am connected to all the mothers who came before me

Many yoga classes end with quiet thanks to all of the teachers before us that have brought us this practice. Similarly, many prenatal yoga classes end with thanks to the mothers before us for leading the way in perpetuating the human race and serving as a portal between this world and the next.

And in this pregnancy, you are joining this long lineage of women as you continue to spread the mother’s love to your child. Saying this affirmation to yourself can help remind you of your powerful role as a mother and connect you to all of the mothers who came before you.

Try It Now: Placing one hand on your heart and the other on your round belly, take a few slow, deep breaths. Gently close your eyes and look inward towards your child. Imagine flooding your uterus with love, as if it were a liquid that could flow into the space around your baby. Say to yourself, “I am connected to all the mothers who came before me”.

Thinking about Birth

  1. I trust my body, my baby and my birth

If this is your first pregnancy, then the prospect of giving birth can be absolutely terrifying. Once the reality sets in that you have to push a bowling ball through your cervix, nerves can take over.

One of the best ways to combat these nerves is to let go of them and trust that your body knows what it’s doing. Remember that women we designed to perpetuate the human race, so your body has been fine-tuned for the entire process. Trust that.

Try It Now: This affirmation works well with both movement and stillness. This affirmation can work for you whether you want to sit quietly with your eyes closed or you want to go for a walk as you recite the affirmation.

Final Thoughts

While affirmations do not replace professional medical care, they can be powerful in supporting your overall pregnancy. They are easy to do and can be incorporated into your existing daily activities. Give them a try or create affirmations for yourself!

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