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6 Benefits of Using Organic Soap

Both natural and organic soaps have a base of fats, water, and lye. Depending on their specific properties they may also have essential oils and/or natural dyes. In addition to using only natural products, none of the ingredients in organic soaps have been produced with the use of pesticides or any type of synthetic fertilizer.

It is clear that when looking to reduce many of the toxins common in our environment, we should also focus our attention on the type of soap we use on our skin. Even when using organic men’s soap there are many benefits that can be seen.

6 Benefits Of Using Organic Soap

  1. They Are Not as Harmful to The Skin

Non-organic soaps usually contain harmful detergents that can cause damage to the skin. This is due to the chemicals that are often used during the manufacturing process. Even if you don’t break out in a full body rash from its use, it is quite likely that these soaps are sapping the moisture right out of your skin. A key ingredient in many organic soaps is glycerin, a naturally occurring compound found in both plant and animal fats. In soaps, it works as a humectant to attract moisture and pull it up from deep inside the layers of skin and distributes it along the surface as a protection to keep it from drying out. It also pulls moisture in from the air and prevents evaporation from pulling it out of the skin. Rather than causing harm to the skin, organic soaps actually give it added protection.

  1. No Harmful Synthetics

Unfortunately, while many soaps use glycerin and other natural ingredients, if it is not organic, there is a good chance that the ingredients on the list are actually synthetic.

Companies use synthetics simply because they are much cheaper to get than if they extracted them from nature. They are easier to process and have a longer shelf life than natural products.

Chemicals in organic soaps are known to promote allergies, interrupt the natural function of our hormones, and some are even known to increase the risk of cancer in some individuals. Organic soaps do not have any chemical compounds and therefore are far less harmful to the body than other soaps.

  1. They Are Cruelty-Free

No ingredients found in organic soaps have been used in any type of animal testing. Instead, they have gone through dermatological testing directly on human skin. Because they are void of the harsher chemicals found in other soaps, they are considered to be much safer for children and for those who are hyper-sensitive to such ingredients.

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  1. They Are Environmentally Friendly

Because the ingredients used in organic soaps are never exposed to pesticides or chemicals, they are environmentally friendly. This makes them easier to breakdown and be absorbed back into the natural world.

  1. They Have Healing Properties

Organic soaps do not just clean the skin, they contain many beneficial healing properties known to aid in the treatment of skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and eczema. When it is created with antioxidants and essential oils, they can significantly contribute to the user’s overall health and well-being.

  1. They Provide More Variety

Organic soaps go beyond the basic essentials that most commercial soaps offer. Because there are so many different essential oils and natural ingredients that can be included in organic soaps, they can aid in a wide range of benefits both for health and cosmetic reasons. As a consumer, it is pretty easy to find the kind of soap that will provide you with the unique benefits your body needs and you’re all set.

Since soap is the one product that touches literally every part of our skin, it stands to reason that we all should be extra careful to avoid exposing our bodies to unnatural chemicals that could actually do us more harm than good.

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  1. Cheron Hercules

    I love that these organic soaps are not as harmful to your skin and it has healing properties. The soaps I am using is making my skin flaky and skin

  2. Cheron Hercules

    The soaps I am using is making my skin flaky and dry. I need to find myself organic soaps

  3. Patricia von Meyer

    My son has sensitive skin. So the only options are organic soaps. Mainstream soap products are to harsh for him

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