5 Tips for Effective Homeschooling for Your Child with ADHD

When your child feels ignored or flustered in the typical classroom setting, you may opt for homeschooling. It is a rational choice for children with ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Since these children get bored quickly, it is difficult for them to sit for long hours in a classroom for a traditional approach to teaching. 

Instead of letting your child feel behind in academics, you can go for expert ADHD coaching and start homeschooling. But, every child is different. Hence, you need a versatile approach to school them at home. Here are some tips that may help:

5 Tips for Effective Homeschooling for your child with ADHD

Focus on Behavioral Management

If you have a middle or high schooler with ADHD, you need proper behavioral management for motivating your child toward learning. Here, preventing burnout is quite critical. In classrooms, exhaustion leads to brain breaks. But, when you opt for homeschooling, you can keep the child engaged in studies for longer periods. 

Use creative play like music and art to sustain the motivation in your kid. Also, you can pay more attention to subjects that your child finds difficult to grasp and move quickly through the topics that are easy to understand.

Fidget toys really come in handy for kids with ADHD.

Monitor the Activities 

It is challenging to keep the children motivated for learning for extended hours. You may allow them small breaks to watch television or playing a game on the phone. But, give these perks only after the child completes the academic tasks assigned for the day. Here, consistency in monitoring the child’s activities is also crucial. 

Timing is Important

While the ability to bend schooling time is the most significant advantage of homeschooling for kids with ADHD, you need to plan the classes appropriately for optimal learning. Choose the right time and place for the lessons. Also, don’t forget to remove distractions that may affect the learning process. 

Instead of rushing to catch the bus to school, your child can sleep for extra hours and harness their morning energy for learning new subjects or concepts. Experiment a little with the timing and use weekends for science experiments or practicing life skills through fun activities. 

Homeschooling ADHD child

Do Not Try to Micromanage

When you have a teen in homeschool, you need to be mindful of interactions with the child. You can keep them consistent in their learning and motivate them to complete their assignment in proper ways. Micromanaging is not the right choice. 

Although it sounds tempting to keep your child under your strict vigilance, it is not a healthy practice for kids having a learning difficulty. Take help from expert ADHD coaching professionals to make a proper schedule and interact with your child in a way that gets their complete attention. 

Create Meaningful Goals

Every day is a challenge for kids with ADHD and parents who opt for homeschooling. But, you may conquer this challenge by setting meaningful daily goals for your child. 

You can help to plan their classes and assignments with proper time management. Also, break the assignments into smaller segments that are easy to complete and check as well. 

Most importantly, you have to choose the right curriculum for homeschooling of your child with ADHD. If your kid is good in math, choose the right grade levels depending on their ability to learn.

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  1. This so interesting and info we all can learn from thank you

  2. I am a firm believer that there are some things that we as parents won’t be able to teach our children, but it’s the space of school that will do its part. So I want to know if it doesn’t affect the social skills of the child

  3. Great tips and I am sure that some of these techniques could be used for a child without ADHD

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