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Science-Approved Natural Medicines To Make Menopause Symptoms Bearable

All women need to accept the fact that they will reach menopause at some point in their life. Once their monthly period stops permanently, they may experience a lot of changes in their body. The symptoms will unfold due to the drop in the oestrogen and progesterone production in their ovaries. Some of the most common symptoms include mood swings, weight gain, hot flashes, and vaginal dryness. While all these are minor conditions, it can cause discomfort to anyone experiencing it. They have the option to buy prescription medicines to ease the symptoms, but most women choose natural menopause remedies to alleviate the conditions. 

If you are experiencing these menopause symptoms but would instead use natural solutions backed by science, here is a list of treatments that can make menopause bearable. 

Science-Approved Natural Medicines To Make Menopause Symptoms Bearable


For years, researchers are working to prove acupuncture can reduce the symptoms of menopause on women. One of the latest studies published in the BMJ Open online journal claimed that those who deal with moderate to severe menopause symptoms like excess sweating, hot flushes, hair and skin problems, and mood swings could find relief through at least five weeks of acupuncture. The study claimed that 80% of those who participated in the study felt that their symptoms significantly dropped due to this kind of natural menopause remedies. Some even claimed that their hot flushes went away after three weeks of the treatment.  

Black Cohosh

Naturopathic experts believe that the herb called black cohosh (Actaea racemosa) can offer significant relief for menopausal women, particularly those who deal with sleep problems and mood management. According to studies, black cohosh can help women fall and stay asleep to give their bodies the rest that they need every day. While you can find plenty of black cohosh plants in most places in North America, you can get the most potent dose by drinking a 40mg tablet or capsule twice daily. These tablets are readily available in most natural supplement stores all over the world. 

Appropriate Diet

Incorporating certain food items in your diet is also another scientifically-backed treatment option for women dealing with menopause. Based on a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, eating more oily fish like sardines and salmon may delay the start of menopause by an average of 3.3 years for each portion consumed. You may also delay your menopause period by one and a half years if you eat plenty of legumes, except refined rice and pasta.  

Magnesium rich foods


This type of natural mineral can reportedly reduce hot flashes in women dealing with magnesium. It can also reportedly raise the body’s serotonin levels to heighten one’s mood. According to experts, at least 700 mg of magnesium citrate powder every day can work wonders for menopausal women by improving their mood and giving them a restful sleep. Other natural sources of magnesium include legumes, tofu, nuts, avocado, dark chocolates, and several types of fatty fish.  

These are some of the natural menopause remedies that you can get to help ease the symptoms synonymous with your menopausal period. If you want to reduce the discomfort and inconveniences caused by this stage of your life, you can look for these remedies in your local naturopathic stores. You may also avail of any natural menopause treatment programs to know more about these remedies without the need for synthetic medicines. 

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