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5 Tips for Effective Homeschooling for Your Child with ADHD


When your child feels ignored or flustered in the typical classroom setting, you may opt for homeschooling. It is a rational choice for children with ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Since these children get bored quickly, it is difficult for them to sit for long hours in a classroom …

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Recognising Dyslexia & Ways To Help Your Dyslexic Child


Dyslexia is a learning disorder, also referred to as a reading disability. People with dyslexia have difficulty reading as a result of having issues with identifying the sound of speech and they have trouble relating to words and letters (decoding). Dyslexia influences the areas in your brain that processes language. …

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12 Tips For Teaching Kids About Autism

Autistic Boy

The best way to teach your kids about autism is to understand what autism means and what an autistic child goes through and how they perceive their environment and the world around them to better understand how to act around them and be mindful of how you need to approach …

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3 Signs Your Child Has Dyslexia

Struggling read write

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects fifteen to twenty five percent of the population. People suffering from dyslexia experience problems with their ability to read, write, spell and speak. Kids who has dyslexia are often very intelligent and hardworking but are having trouble with connecting letters they say with …

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4 Top Sensory Toys for Autistic Children

Autism Bracelet

When you are considering the best options for buying autism toys for your children, it is essential to take the following into consideration: Interests and preferences Appropriateness according to the child’s age. Ability level. The developmental stage. His/her individual special needs. For children that have a lot of energy and …

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What Is The Best Dog For Children With Autism?

Girl Hugging Dog

Pets give so much joy and happiness to people, children in particular take delight in having pets. Having pets also comes with many benefits for children from teaching them responsibility to loyalty and friendship. A very close bond can be formed between a child and his dog. A hot topic …

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6 Tips on How to Potty Train Your Autistic Child

Girl On Potty

Parenting children with autism can be very difficult because it involves dealing with many problems that wouldn’t generally come up if you had a normally developing child. One of such problems can be toilet training which can take some autistic kids longer than their siblings or friends to learn how …

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5 Parenting Tips For Children With Autism

5 Parenting tips for children with autism

When autism is diagnosed early the long term outcome is almost always better since you can start behavioral therapy early on. Being a parent is a demanding task that requires a lot of effort. If you have a special needs child then you will find parenting even more challenging. No parent …

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