5 Reasons You Want A Keababies Baby Wrap

New-borns love being close to their parents. During the first few weeks your baby is adjusting to life outside of the womb. Babies feel loved and safe when they are cradled that’s why a crying baby is habitually soothed once Mom or Dad picks them up. Babywearing has many beneficial advantages.

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5 Reasons You Want A Keababies Wrap

  1. Bonding

When a baby feels the warmth of their tiny body close to yours and hears your beating heart, sounds of your voice and breathing it is a close resemblance of what they experienced while still in the womb. At the smallest amount of insecurity, they can draw comfort from being close to you and being able to look up at your face. Having your new-born close to you, gives you instant contact to gently stroke their hair, kiss their forehead or gently pat them on his bum. This is why babywearing is a great way of bonding between parents and their new-borns.

  1. Development

Babywearing can be an excellent tool for early development. When you’re wearing your baby close to you, he is always with you. You can communicate by looking at each other, you can chat to him, explain to him what you are doing, comment on what is happening all around you and soothe him when it becomes necessary. Babies love listening to the sound of your voice. They find it comforting and when you’re chatting to them from very young it encourages language development.

  1. Pacifies colic

It always helps to carry a colicky baby in the upright position to help soothe the uncomfortable symptoms associated with colic. Many parents have reported that carrying their babies in a carrier has helped them immensely. Feeling the warmth of your body against them and being carried close to you can have a soothing effect.

  1. Hands free

Not only is babywearing a soothing option, but also highly practical. It allows Moms and Dads to have their hands free and catch up on minor household chores, running a few errands or even taking the dog out for a walk. It also offers an easier way of tending to older siblings that needs your attention.

  1. No need for the stroller

A stroller can also be a practical option but in some situations, it can become a pain. For instance, walking on a pathway or in public places which are problematic to gain access to with a stroller.

There are a wide selection of baby carriers and wraps available on the market. Today we want to share the features and reasons why the Keababies baby wrap carrier is an excellent option for all new parents. The wrap is not just ideal for babywearing. It can be applied for a number of different uses. Women are exceptional at multi-tasking and that’s why they will love this versatile and adaptable product.

5 More reasons why you want a Keababies baby wrap

  1. Nursing cover

If you’re looking for a relaxed and discreet way of nursing in public, then this wrap is an excellent choice. The copious amount of fabric easily wraps around your neck and shoulders, while cradling your little one in privacy. It is portable, small and easily fit into your diaper bag. In case of you forgetting your nursing cover or just don’t see the need for one, the KeaBabies wrap is the solution to your problem. The wrap is made from breathable, stretchy and soft cotton will ensure that your baby doesn’t overheat or become sweaty during breastfeeding sessions.

  1. Scarf

After your nursing days are over and baby doesn’t need to be carried in a wrap anymore, you can use it to function as a scarf. The ends can be tied together to create an infinity-style scarf, or it can simply be wrapped around your neck and tied into a knot. You can even drape the fabric loosely around your shoulders. The plentiful fabric can be tied in several ways.

  1. Hands-free nursing

New-borns need to nurse often, and it can become exhausting for a new Mom, especially when you need to get a few chores done or prepare a family meal. Sometimes you just need to make a phone call or send a quick e-mail. With some practice you can master the skill of breastfeeding with your Keababies baby wrap.

  1. Swaddle/blankie

If you’ve forgotten to pack a blanket for your baby on chilly days, the wrap can be tied multiple times around your baby to keep them warm. The fabric’s elasticity makes it a perfect fit for a baby. Several studies revealed how beneficial swaddling can be for any baby. Babies who are swaddled tend to sleep sounder and for longer. They experience less anxiety and can even prevent startled reflexes that they often experience during a peaceful slumber. Swaddling is useful to keep baby warm as their little bodies mature and starts regulating their body temperatures.

  1. During pregnancy

The wrap can even be used before your baby’s arrival. You can use it as a tummy wrap to help support your growing pregnancy belly while relieving some pressure from your back and hips. It can be wrapped around your midsection after giving birth to provide a slimming look as well as assisting with getting your body back into shape. While it can’t shrink your belly magically within a week, it can assist with tightening your core muscles. Women are generally encouraged to wear a postpartum belt for four to six weeks to reap the benefits. Just remember not to wear it for long time periods and remember to remove it while sleeping.

Features of the Keababies wrap carrier:

  • Stretchy and sturdy cotton material for relieving strain on your back and shoulders.
  • Just the right elasticity to keep baby secure and safe without having to re-adjust all the time.
  • One size fit everyone – tried and tested by Moms of all sizes.
  • One hundred percent lifetime guarantee from the Manufacturer.
  • Promotes enhanced bonding between parents and babies.
  • Suitable for new-born to 35lbs.
  • Available in three colors from Amazon.com.

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  1. Keababies baby wrap is such a cool way to keep the little one cuddled in a safe and supportive environment and so close to you! I like that it frees your hands and acts as a nursing cover too. And the best is that it can be used during pregnancy too! Simply wow!! Wish it was available some decades ago. LOL 😀

  2. There certainly seems to be so many benefits to this product. I so wish that they had these when my children were smaller, it really would have made my life easier. My brother and his wife have just had their first baby, I am heading on over to purchase one now for them.

  3. I had no idea there was so many benefits to these wraps! I’ve always seen parents using them but always thought it was just any easier, hands-free was of carrying baby. But great to know it’s good for bonding and development too!

  4. Oh, I wish, I wish, I wish, I could have been a babywearing Mom. I can see all the benefits and I secretly envy Moms who slip their babies into a wrap and calmly get on with their housework, hands-free.

    I bought a wrap when my son was born but it wasn’t made out of stretchy fabric like the Keababies baby wrap and I just couldn’t figure out how to get him into the wrap.

    I felt so awkward and incompetent. I would work up a sweat, trying to get a screaming baby into the wrap. It was a real struggle for me. In time, I discovered that my child didn’t like being swaddled or facing inwards.

    When my little one was old enough I managed to get him into a baby carrier that allowed him to face outwards and I finally got the chance to practice babywearing, our style.

    We missed out on a number of benefits of wearing a wrap but it was a huge relief to find a comfy way to carry him. I have precious memories of our walks on the beach.

    • Lauren I am a huge fan of babywearing but what works for one baby won’t work for another. I had a lovely stretchy baby wrap for both my kids but my daughter was not a fan of it. She has never liked being too close and cuddled. My son on the other hand was the perfect babywearing baby!

  5. I wish I knew about it few months back. I am really impressed by its versatility. The one we got wasn’t as effective as this one. Keeping baby close is so important during the early months – to keep baby warm and to bond as well. A great option for Dads as well to bond with the baby.

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