How The KonMari Method Can Help Parents

Some days it seems that everything is against us and problems tend to appear at every corner. In addition to our personal and business problems, there is work waiting for us when we get home. Add children to the equation and what you get is one big house of mess.

Thankfully, Japanese organizing consultant and author, Marie Kondo, offers advice on solving at least one of your problems – your house condition – with the KonMari Method.

How The Konmari Method Can Help Parents

What Is the KonMari Method?

The KonMari cleaning method is based on a system of organizing your home by decluttering your personal space. Simply put, to make your home and life more organized and balanced, you should toss out all material things that do not bring joy into your life anymore.

Moreover, Kondo claims that by sorting out your closet and the rest of the house, you can improve other areas of your life too.

The initial steps of the method are very simple and require that you touch every item you possess. While you hold it, you should ask yourself whether that item brings you joy. Kondo says that you should not think about it too much but rather concentrate on your emotions toward the item.

If you feel joy or think of some nice memories, then keep it. In case you cannot even remember when was the last time you used that piece, it is time to give it up. Whichever the case, the important thing is to thank the item for serving you well.

So, what are some of the benefits of KonMari?

KonMari Helps Create More Time for Your Children

Now that we know the basics of the method, let’s see how it can help us get better at parenting. First of all, the method suggests that you clean the whole house by categories instead of cleaning one room per day. Take one whole day for this purpose or even the whole weekend.

This way, it will be much harder for the house to get dirty, plus there won’t be anything left waiting for you when you come back from work on Monday evening. As a result, you will come home and have the whole night to spend with your children.

KonMari Teaches Gratitude

Secondly, by using the KonMari method, you are creating an environment of gratitude and love in your house. There won’t be too many things to worry about, and the ones that are present will be valued.

When you apply this method to material things, you will start feeling improvement in everyday life as well. It will teach you to give your attention only to those things that make you happy. And once you feel happy, happiness will spread around you.

The best thing about this is that children learn from adults not simply by listening, but also by watching what you do. As they see you choosing only the things that make you feel good, they will acquire the pattern and follow your example later on. This makes it easier for them to make the right choices as they grow up, and also to be grateful for everything they have.

KonMari Can Free You From Stress

Finally, this method is all about cleanliness, but not necessarily regarding your home. However, your home can be a good example of what mess can do to your everyday life. When your house is messy or when you struggle to find what you need due to the outrageous number of unnecessary things present, you become stressed.

When you are stressed about one thing, it moves to another without you even noticing it. Step by step, you will see yourself yelling at your children for taking all the toys out to play, forgetting that this what children are supposed to do.

Cleanliness in your home will lead to a more relaxed mind. You won’t be stressed and therefore, things won’t make you angry. When everything is clean and you are not stressed, the toys on the floor will not cause frustration in your head. Moreover, you will probably shift your focus to your children and sit down to play with them.

Your children will appreciate your interest and attention since this is what they need the most. And remember, a happy parent is always a better parent, and to start being happy, you need to clean your house first!

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