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5 Benefits of Using Hydroquinone Cream

Age spots, wrinkles and other skin pigmentation issues are symptoms that some moms-to-be experience during pregnancy. An uneven skin color might over shadow your new mom joy, especially if you have just stopped nursing and often take your child for a walk. You can try using hydroquinone cream as an effective treatment to make your skin tone even and glowing again.

5 Benefits of using Hydroquinone Cream

What is Hydroquinone?

Hydroquinone is an active bleaching agent that temporarily stops the skin’s natural production of melanin, evening the skin’s tone. Customers use hydroquinone for its extraordinary results which are visible after around three weeks of use.

Hydroquinone creams are typically prescribed by dermatologists, who take into account your health history and skin particularities. However, you can find over-the-counter products that live up to all expectations. Hydroquinone-based creams are generally considered safe as reputable brands usually follow the FDA guidelines of a maximum 2% hydroquinone concentration.

The bleaching agent is a pregnancy category C ingredient, which means that it has been proven to cause congenital disabilities in animals, but it is irrelevant for human use. You can check out the most popular over-the-counter hydroquinone creams reviewed by the experts at in the linked article. There you will find indications, contraindications, hydroquinone concentration, and directions for use for each hydroquinone cream.

New moms usually use hydroquinone creams for their effectiveness in treating melasma or pregnancy mask, aka chloasma. The skin reacts to hormonal changes during pregnancy by creating dark melanin deposits on the face and a line between the belly button and the pubic bone.

The Benefits of Using Hydroquinone Cream to Even Your Skin

There are many benefits of using a hydroquinone cream to treat your skin. Aside from its quick results, the cream has much to offer:

Fast Results

This should be the best reason to use such a bleaching cream – it leads to incredible results in no time. More specifically, most treatments are used in three-week sessions. You can test one of these treatments’ quick efficiency yourself and take before and after photos. Just make sure you take them in the same room and have the same amount of light.

There are some rare cases when the cream takes a bit longer to work. However, even a complex treatment shows visible results within four months. Hydroquinone is the king of skin bleaching treatments. Dermabrasion, for example, requires both monthly therapies and a healing period that can last for weeks.


A hydroquinone cream after pregnancy is a versatile treatment. You can use the cream for face bleaching, stretch marks, and dark areas around the belly. New mothers can enjoy a smooth skin on their face and bodies. Hydroquinone is as effective as a collagen treatment.

Using the cream on your body will boost your confidence and prepare you for the first trips to the beach with your beloved baby.

Small Risk of Side Effects

There are rare cases when the use of hydroquinone creams is associated with severe side effects. The best brands on the market follow FDA guidelines, so your skin shouldn’t react to them. The most common side effect women encounter is a mild skin irritation which clears up after they finish the treatment. You can also test the cream by applying a small quantity on a tight area and watch how your skin reacts.

Severe allergic reactions include swollen skin and temporary difficulty in breathing. There are some side effects that can appear after sun exposure. You should protect your skin from the sun while you undergo the treatment, as hydroquinone can lead to temporary skin sensitivity.

Skin Hydration

Hydroquinone creams offer your skin most of the advantages that regular creams do. Your skin will remain hydrated and moisturized throughout the treatment. Most bleaching cosmetics are typically adjusted to your skin type and needs.

Aside from hydroquinone, the cream typically contains other types of active ingredients that take care of your skin in a similar way your regular products do.

Easy to Use

You should apply any hydroquinone cream as a regular cream and can integrate it into your daily morning routine. Most of the products available now don’t require you to let the area dry as they are quickly absorbed into the skin pores.

Applying the cream is entirely painless, and there hasn’t been reported any itching or other acute feelings linked to its use. You might need to apply it twice a day and rub thoroughly. The cream’s consistency won’t change throughout the process.

Skin Care Cautions to Maximize the Benefits of Using Hydroquinone Treatments

Typically, OTC hydroquinone creams don’t require a prescription. Given that you might be a mom who still nurtures, you will need to consult a dermatologist and discuss the possible risks and treatment duration. Your lifestyle and diet also influence your skin’s looks and recovery speed after birth. Here’s what you should do:

  • Wear long sleeves and a hat when you have to leave the house, to protect your skin from the sun.
  • Don’t schedule any vacations or trips to the beach while you undergo the treatment.
  • Make sure the hydroquinone cream doesn’t exceed the 2% limit.
  • Eat fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water to keep your skin healthy and responsive.
  • Avoid habits such as drinking coffee, alcohol, or smoking.

Enjoying the Benefits of Using Hydroquinone Cream

There are many benefits of using hydroquinone cream treatments like evening your skin after skin discoloration or hyperpigmentation, which are common symptoms in pregnancy. You can use it for your face, belly spots, or stretch marks. If you also have acne scars, liver or age spots, then you will feel the healing effects of hydroquinone.

Aside from the physical, visible effects, hydroquinone creams also provide you with a self-esteem boost. You will be more confident when wearing your favorite clothes during summer. Hydroquinone is not an ingredient that mothers aren’t allowed to use, as long as they are not allergic to it. Follow the directions when applying the cream and enjoy an even, healthy, and glowing skin!

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