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4 Things For Young Children To Do For Their Moms on Mother’s Day

It is Mother’s Day in less than 2 weeks time, with many people planning gifts for their mothers and young children in playschool and primary school busy with preparing something special for their moms. Young children love showing their appreciation for their moms on Mother’s Day and there is a big focus on this in the schools that they attend.

If you are a school teacher and have to come up with something to do for your class to do for their mothers, or perhaps daddy wants to help the kids do something special, here are some ideas for you.

4 Things For Young Children To Do For Their Moms On Mother's Day

Teach Them A Song To Sing

All moms love hearing their kids sing cute songs, especially if they have learned it just for mommy. Singing comes with many benefits for your children as well as being fun and giving your children self-confidence. What better way to make mommy feel special than a special Mother’s Day song?

Here is a super cute song I Love My Mom – HiDino Kids Songs that you can teach the kids in your class to sing to their mom at home on Mother’s Day. You may also have a school concert organized for Mother’s Day which will involve singing and dancing for mommy.

You can check out the HiDino Kids Songs With Fun Stories for inspiration as well as their Spanish channel.

Do Something Crafty

There are so many cute and crafty ideas for Mother’s Day – something that is hugely popular with young kids is creating a card that uses your child’s foot or hand print. The ideas here are absolutely endless.

I have received the most beautiful crafty handmade gifts from my kids and I cherish these more than any other Mother’s Day gift I have received. The handmade picture frames with photos of my children and the pot plant pot with my son’s face on are amazing gifts that I love.

Pinterest is a gold mine for finding gorgeous Mother’s Day crafts for kids. There are so many stunning ideas for Mother’s Day crafts for children of all ages.

Make Homemade Bath Products

These make for a lovely personalized gift because your child has made it plus it is also something that can help mommy relax and feel a bit spoiled. Bath bombs are so easy to make and they make an amazing Mother’s Day gift. I made these heart shaped lavender bath bombs with my kids and they were perfect, plus my kids had a ball making them.

There are so many ideas for making home made bath products, check out Youtube for some bath bombs, sugar scrub and bath salts to make. There are also plenty of ideas on Pinterest too.

Combining home made bath products with a crafty Mother’s Day card will make the perfect gift for any mother this Mother’s Day.

Breakfast In Bed

Young kids love to make food, making this the perfect opportunity for them to make mommy a special Mother’s Day breakfast in bed. Daddy will have to get involved to oversee the project otherwise it may have disastrous results. For very young kids they could make a fruit salad with yogurt and toast. Older children could make pancakes or a big fry up breakfast with all the trimmings.

If you are a teacher you can make cookies for mommy and send them home with the kids to add to a breakfast tray.

Children can head out into the garden and find some pretty flowers to cut to put on mommy’s tray.

Imagine a child bringing in a breakfast tray to mommy on Mother’s Day with flowers, a handmade crafty card and some homemade heart bath bombs, plus a special song to complete the surprise!

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  1. Elize Swanepoel

    These are great ideas and easy to do.

    JD is very young, but I have started a flip file with all his “crafts” so far. I am very sentimental when it comes to handmade crafts and cards. I will be keeping all of JD’s art works.

    Making cards with hands or feet is a brilliant idea and a lovely keepsake. JD’s daycare made a little bunny rabbit painting with his foot for Easter. It was super cute!

    I loved making breakfast for my Mom and Dad on their special days.

    It has become a tradition in our home. Making homemade cards is not costing you a thing and is much more treasured than a shop bought card.

    I loved making cards and I still do so for people close to me for special occasions. I just think it is a lovely gesture that shows you’ve taken the time to make that person something from the heart.

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