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5 Benefits Of Singing For Children

Children love to sing and may start “singing along” to songs long before they even say their first word. Singing is fun for your child and it comes with plenty of amazing benefits for your child that will help your child’s development, language skills and confidence, as well as help your child to learn.

Whether your child is singing along to the radio in the car, or singing along to HiDino Kids Songs (which you can also find in Spanish) on Youtube your child will be reaping in the benefits.

Read below to find out the benefits of singing for children:

5 Benefits Of Singing For Children

Improves Brain Development

When you sing it uses many different areas of the brain, these include the musical aspects (pitch, timbre and rhythm), fine motor behavior, emotion, visual imagery and language.

Due to the brain doing multiple things singing will help to develop the memory. Learning and remembering lyrics and recognizing the cue to begin singing are very beneficial memory skills.

Children find it hard to concentrate, but when faced with singing they find it easier and in concentrating in this way their concentration skills improve all round.

Singing will bring out a child’s imagination and creativity which will benefit your child in many ways.

Your child will learn about opposites through singing when singing quiet and loud to fast and slow.

Improves Language and Communication Skills

You may find that your toddler will be able to sing an entire song when he or she can’t yet put together a full sentence speaking normally. This not only helps your child to develop memory skills, but also helps your child to learn how to string a sentence or two together.

It will increase your child’s vocabulary and teach your child how to pronounce new words. Every language has its own rhythm and singing will help your child to understand this better while also learning how to rhyme words.

Children learn how to express themselves and their feelings through singing. Your child will learn how to communicate with others and if your child is part of a choir or singing with friends this will teach your child how to work as a team as well as to form firm bonds with other children and help them to make new friends. It will give your child a feeling of belonging.

Communication is not only about being able to express yourself, it is also very much about learning to listen to others. Through learning a new song your child will need to listen carefully as well as learn how to listen and think at the same time.

Boosts Self Confidence

Learning a new song and mastering it will give your child a feeling of satisfaction and joy, as well as building on their self-confidence. The process of learning and practicing something until perfection is achieved will increase your child’s self-esteem every single time a new song is learned.

Learning how to sing as a team in a choir will give your child new skills to work on and further increase your child’s self-confidence over time while making your child feel part of something important.

Singing increases the feel good endorphins in the body, which will increase brain activity and make your child happier.

Cardiac and Respiratory Function

Singing is an aerobic exercise that improves the cardiovascular system and improves overall health. Through singing the oxygenation of blood is increased which in turn leads to increased leads to increased levels of alertness. Thoracic activity takes place when you sing which benefits functions and the structure of breathing mechanisms. The muscles in the upper body are exercised through singing.

Overall health will be improved since there will be less change of bacteria flourishing in the upper respiratory tract due to improved airflow. Aerobic exercise has been linked to stress reduction and longevity.

Vocal System Fine and Gross Motor Control

The process of using the vocal system more in an appropriate way, like you do when singing, will help your underlying physiology and anatomy to reach its full potential for motor coordination and growth. This is essential in childhood since this is when the latent structure for vocal identity and effectual communication are entrenched.

So if your child is belting out songs all the time that is never a bad thing, encourage your child to sing and let your child reap in the benefits of singing.

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  1. Well then my daughter will reap loads of benefits – she never stops singing!

  2. Amazing article

  3. Victoria Addington

    I had no idea that singing improves the cardiovascular system as well as overall health. Since my kids have been wanting to learn how to play an instrument and be great singers someday, I decided to sign them up for singing lessons. Perhaps, I shall then look for a school that has established a good reputation throughout the years.

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