My Volganik Rock Handbag

Volganik Rock Handbag Review – Best Handbag Ever!

I’ve been so keen to receive my Volganik Rock handbag since ordering it on Amazon and it is even more stunning than I expected it to be. While I really like my old bag that I received from Takealot a few years back my needs have changed and I’ve been wanting a smaller bag that I can wear across my body rather than hang on my shoulder. This bag is exactly what I was looking for and the best handbag I’ve ever owned.

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Volganik Rock Handbag Review

Why I Needed A New Handbag

As a mom my needs have changed over the years. My old handbag is large and I was able to fit an insane amount of things into it. This is exactly what I needed when my kids were a bit younger. I was always having to put in wet wipes, spare clothing, and a toy (or ten). It is a bag with short handles for wearing on your shoulder, and it would have been too big to wear cross body even if it had a strap long enough for that.

Now that my kids are older I wanted a smaller handbag that I can wear across my body rather than a bag that keeps slipping off my shoulder and irritating me. I only want to fit the essentials I need in my handbag, such as my wallet, journal, sunglasses, phone, car keys, and a small pouch that I keep things in like my sanitary pads.

Volganik Rock Handbag Features

The Volganik Rock Soft PU Leather Crossbody Bag is made from PU Leather (synthetic leather). It is available in a variety of colours including antique silver, beige, black, blue, brown, chocolate, dark blue, dark chocolate, grey, green, pink, red, and taro. There are three sizes available, namely 10.2″, 11.8″, and 8″. The 8″ is only available in black, brown, and dark chocolate.

It has a long adjustable strap for wearing across the body or over the shoulder. There are two zipped main sections inside the bag, as well as one zipped pocket on the one side of the bag, and two zipped pockets on the other side of the bag. It also has small pouches on both ends of the bag.

This Voganik Rock handbag is elegant and won’t ever go out of style, offering great storage and organisation features.

My Volganik Rock Handbag Review

I bought the 11.8″ Volganik Rock handbag in chocolate. I’m glad I went with the bigger size because I always carry an A5 journal in my handbag for shopping lists or jotting down notes while I am out. My journal just fits in perfectly. I’m not sure I would have been able to squeeze my journal in if I went for the smaller size.

The bag is beautiful and the perfect size. It fits everything I  need to carry around with me but it is not big and bulky. I love all the different pockets so that I will easily be able to find my phone and keys when I’m out and about. My sunglasses fit perfectly into the small pocket on the end, ensuring that they won’t be floating around in my handbag being scratched or damaged. The handbag is soft, yet firm enough.

This handbag has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon with 3822 reviews. It is exactly what I was looking for when it comes to style, functionality, and quality.

I paid $42.10 for this handbag – it was $22.80 for the handbag, $14.47 for delivery, and $4.83 for import taxes. In South African Rands that works out to about R670.19,  however, I bought it using Amazon gift cards that I earned through doing surveys on Ysense. Check out my Ysense review for more information on earning in USD for completing surveys and offers, and playing games.

I love buying from Amazon – there is such a wide variety of products and I love all the product reviews that make it easy to choose the right product.

Click here to buy this Volganik Rock handbag from Amazon.

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  1. Your bag is gorgeous and I love the colour. There’s so many many colors to choose from and a variety of sizes wow. I haven’t ordered anything from Amazon before but will give it a try

  2. I love a strong quality bag with a big space and this is kinda my style too loov the colours

  3. Tshegofatso Washington

    I know what you mean about needing a new bag after being a mom and your needs changing!
    Stunning bag! Love that it’s neutral and has multiple pockets, lol a definite MUST.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      I’ve found my needs changing so much over time as a mom! Today I showed my mom my handbag and she wants me to order her one too LOL

  4. It is a gorgeous handbag and love the color 🌸

  5. It’s a beautiful bag

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