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True or False? 10 Misconceptions About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most magical times in a woman’s life. But despite how beautiful it is, it can get quite puzzling for many people. During pregnancy, many women have so many questions to ask. Most of the time, their worries are even amplified by friends and family throwing them supposed truths and poor advice about pregnancy that they always have to keep in mind.

Here, we debunked some of the most common superstitions, myths, and tales about pregnancy. Think of it as a holiday present for mothers-to-be. But before that, make sure that you are using nothing but the best echo gel during your pre-natal check-up. This is because a high-quality gel can facilitate better images. Additionally, a good echo gel can also allow you to skip a second sonography procedure.

10 Misconceptions About Pregnancy

Being Pregnant Means Eating for Two People

When you are pregnant, your body becomes more equipped to absorb nutrients from the food that you eat so eating twice as much as your regular intake will not be good for your baby. It turns out, it will only lead to excessive weight gain that might even put you at risk for complications such as high blood pressure.

Although there are recommended diets such as at least 70mg of Vitamin C every day, and iron and B vitamins in the second and third trimesters, you do not need to double your caloric intake to make sure that your baby comes out healthy. Only around 300 extra calories are needed to meet your nutrient requirements.


Weird cravings in pregnant women are common across the globe. However, there has been no research done about it. Some women do not even experience cravings at all. It is essential to remember that whatever you are craving for, healthy food choices should be at the top of your list.

Dying Your Hair is Forbidden

Thousands, maybe even millions, of expecting mothers might have fallen for this common misconception. Thankfully, you do not have to bid goodbye to your secret weapon to achieve confidence. There have been no studies which suggest that coloring your hair can cause congenital disabilities. Although you may want to touch up your roots during the first trimester, your doctor may recommend waiting until the second or third trimester.

Eating Spicy Food Can Turn Your Baby’s Hair to Red

If you’re dreaming of having a cute redhead baby, you might need to lay off on the spicy food because no matter how much you eat, it is not going to affect the hair color of your child unless you or your partner is a redhead.

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Eating Butter Can Help in Your Delivery

One of the most common misconceptions in pregnant women is that eating butter or even ghee can make the uterus contract to make your delivery smoother and easier. However, a smooth delivery does not depend on these food items. Tons of factors such as the size of your baby, its presentation, and even the shape of your pelvis are the ones which affect your delivery.

Say Goodbye to Coffee

Thinking about the thousands of mothers who threw away premium coffee beans because of this myth is heartbreaking. Fortunately, having 200mg of caffeine daily is safe. Although caffeine can cross the placenta and make you and your baby feel more awake, a small cup of coffee will not do you and your baby harm. Drinking coffee will also not give your baby a brown birthmark.

Wide Hips Equals Easy Birth

The term “child-birthing hips” is something that should be abolished. Wide hips do not make the birthing experience easier. The width of your pelvis, which is not connected to having wide hips, is actually the one that should be considered. Depending on the size of the pelvic bone, it can be easy for a small woman to give birth to a big baby.

The Baby’s Gender Affects Your Glow

According to old wives’ tales, if a woman does not look good during her pregnancy, it is because the little girl in her womb is taking all her beauty. On the other hand, if the mother-to-be is glowing, she is having a boy.

Despite the popularity of this misconception, tons of things can affect how a pregnant woman looks such as their ever-changing hormone levels, and even morning sickness. Some women are also easily tired due to their baby bump. So, the next time you see a pregnant woman who looks blooming, maybe you should forego congratulating her on the baby boy she’s having. You can only tell the baby’s sex from an pregnancy ultrasound, and other procedures that are done in clinics.

Lifting Your Arms Can Strangle the Baby

This is one of the strangest misconceptions about pregnant women and unfortunately, many pregnant women have avoided raising their arms in fear of strangling their baby with its umbilical cord. As expected, raising your arms is not correlated to choking your baby.

You Should Say Goodbye to Your Cats

If you’re a cat person, don’t worry. You do not have to give away your cats when you become pregnant. If you handle cat’s feces, a disease called toxoplasmosis can be harmful to your baby. However, there are tons of ways to reduce its risk such as feeding your cat cooked food and ensuring that the litter box is clean.

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