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Top 8 Baby and Toddler Safety Products

Babies and toddlers are notorious for getting up to mischief and as they push boundaries in an attempt to learn about the world around them they are constantly putting themselves at risk of being harmed. As parents it is our responsibility to ensure that our children are safe and this can be quite the job with toddlers and will keep mommy and daddy on their toes for a few years.

There are a number of baby and toddler safety products out there that help to make a parent’s job just a little bit easier and will keep your kids safer too.

Here is my list of top baby and toddler safety products you should purchase to keep your child safe.

Top 8 Baby and Toddler Safety Products

Baby Harness or Wrist Link

You know when I first saw a baby harness years ago before I had kids I had a double take and my immediate thought was how strange that was. Now that I have had two children go through the toddler stage (and lost my one child at the mall once) I can say what a super invention a baby harness is. It is physically impossible to keep a toddler going where he or she is supposed to be going and it is not easy trying to get shopping or errands done when you have to run after your child all the time.

A baby harness or a wrist link will make your life so much easier and less stress free while ensuring your child is exactly where he or she should be – which is right next to mommy.

There are also some super cute baby harnesses like this cute monkey backpack with safety harness.

Baby Safety Gate

There will always be one place in the home where you don’t want your baby to get to. It may be the kitchen with all the utensils and the hot stove or it could be that you have stairs in your house which will be dangerous for your child to get to. Installing proper baby safety gates is definitely the way to go.

You will be able to find one to suit any area of your house even to stretch right across a room like this one so you can section off part of a room that you don’t want your toddler getting to. You can also double these gates up as a large baby playpen which is super useful.

Bed Rails

When your baby moves from a cot to a toddler bed or a normal single bed chances are high there will be a bit of tumbling out of bed if you don’t have any bed rails installed for your child.

This is such a simple yet necessary product to use until your child has become accustomed to sleeping in a big bed.

Child Safety Cupboard Locks

Toddlers will be opening all your cupboards and unpacking everything. This activity appears to be a favorite of all little ones. This means it is imperative to make sure that all cleaning products, medications and anything else that could be dangerous for children be stored under lock and key or completely out of reach of little hands.

Remember that toddlers also love to climb so having something in a top cupboard is not always going to be safe from a toddler. Adding an extra level of safety by using child safety cupboard locks is the best option.

Plug Covers

Little fingers are always going to try poking themselves into little holes. This is just the way it works… and if they are not trying to poke their fingers in their they will probably try with a pencil or anything else they can get their hands off. It is best to cover up all accessible plugs with child safety plug covers.

Car Seat

It is so important to have your child properly strapped into the correct car seat for his age. Even the slightest braking action can cause severe injury to your child if he is not properly belted in.

While a car seat may seem like big expense item this is one thing you do not want to skimp out on. It is what will protect your child against harm if you have a car accident so always keep in mind the safety benefits over the price on this one. I suggest reading some baby car seat reviews before making your purchase.

Make sure you have an infant car seat ready and waiting before your baby arrives. You will need it when you bring your baby home from the hospital.

Baby Car Strap Clip

Isn’t it amazing how babies and toddlers can wiggle their arms right out of the straps  of their car seats leaving them only strapped in by their legs? This used to really upset me with my babies until I came across the baby chest harness clip which keeps the straps in the right place. This keeps them strapped in without being able to get lose.

It may seem like this is not important if your child’s arms are out but your child’s chest needs to be fully supported to help prevent injury in case of an accident.

Toilet Lock

This is such an essential when you have a baby or toddler. For some reason they seem drawn to the toilet. Toilets are not exactly clean places for your child to be sticking his fingers, especially since chances are high that any toddler will be sticking those same dirty little fingers straight into his mouth. Teething toddlers are always sticking their fingers in their mouths.

Aside from the health worries of your child playing with the toilet there is the danger that your toddler may drown. This does sound a little bit far fetched but the facts are that children don’t just drown in pools, they drown in any water including in buckets and in the toilet.

Buying a toilet lid lock is just the thing you need to prevent your child from drowning.

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  1. Great tips!

    I must look into getting a harness or wrist link because that’s exactly the problem I am facing now. JD is like a sprinting rabbit as soon as you put him down and boy can he move fast.

    I bought a whole lot of those drawer locks but because we are living in a rented space and they have to be screwed in, I am unable to use them. I also bought a fridge lock which was an absolute must. Whenever that fridge door opens, JD darts in and I am struggling to get him out of there. He has got some infatuation with that fridge because even at his young age he knows there’s all kinds of nice treats stored in there.

    I also bought two door handle locks which works like a charm for the cupboards with the breakables and cleaning materials.

    I didn’t know about the baby car strap clip. That sounds like a very handy gadget to have. Toddlers are like escape artists and JD reminds me of a stunts man sometimes. He climbed up a wall yesterday before I could even get to him. He is not even two years old yet, and he is getting himself into all sorts of trouble. :-O

  2. I just love the toilet lock and bed rail.

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