Toddler Chores

Toddler Chores

Giving your toddler chores around the house from an early age will make it easier for them to complete tasks in future.

Here are some ideas for age appropriate chores for toddlers:

My 3 year old has set chores and she loves doing them every day! If I try and set the table there is a huge commotion. She also loves doing things for her baby brother like putting his milk bottle next to our bed, getting out nappies and wet wipes when it is time to change his nappy, choosing his clothes for the day and packing her and her brother’s creche bags away in the cupboard every afternoon. Her absolute favourite thing to do is feed her brother snacks, and it is very helpful as I can get the dishes done or start cooking a meal.

It is very cute to see how dedicated she is to her tasks. Of course it took a lot of time to teach her some things and very often she still makes more of a mess than cleaning up, like when she sweeps the floor there is more dirt all over the house than before. The point is she will learn how to do it properly in time and then it will be a great help to have someone else help with the household tasks.

Does your child do chores and what is he/ she responsible for?

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  1. My five year old boy is responsible to keep his room tidy. Picking up his toys, ,empty his dustbin and putting his clothes in the laundry basket. He loves giving me a hand when it’s bath time for his baby sister and is always eager to pass her wet wipes or to rinse her dummy for instance. My 10 year old unpacks the dishwasher, tidy up his room, clearing the table after meals and helping his Dad in the garden. Insisting on putting things in order also teaches kids to be responsible for their things.

  2. I have a 5 year old with a “I know it all – do it all attitude” so she loves to work. She’s naughty so its better to keep her busy doing stuff, it keeps her out of trouble then I have a 7 year old that is lazy (loves the tv) coz if that, if I ask her to do something she will moan and her sister will end up doing it.

    Any advise in what to do in this case?

    • Hi Danica

      I would recommend that you make it clear to your children that privileges correlate to chores done! So if you don’t do your chores you don’t get those special things you love! Want chocolate, but you didn’t clean up after yourself…. no chocolate. Works well in our home.

    • I know @rhyme13 i also have 5 years old boy and he is so talkative Mr I know it all he hates repeatings if I keep telling him same thing he gets angry

  3. Yes they do have but after reading this I think they can do more…lol..and they not toddlers for this

  4. My cousin and her kids are here for xmas and i heard a very nice thing yesterday from the 2 girls ages 8 and 6.
    They get a R100 a month but they have to work for it…
    If they dont pack away toys – R10 gets deducted.
    If theg dont make their bed – R10 gets deducted.
    I was so impressed with this idea.

  5. This ys vert important chores for toddlers me and hubby already spoke about giving our son chores and will earn money montly or weekly we will learn him and by giving chores they learn alot and they grow up by knowing they cant just leave things laying around and get what they want. These are awesome advice but still a while for our little one to have chores but we spoke about it so we will be ready.

  6. It is good,i will surely will teach my son when his grown up a little for now his helping mommy with the toys.

  7. Agreed kids should learn in an early my son loves to baths himself and when he finished eating healthy knows where to put his dishes

  8. My little boy has been helping in household chores, gardening even some maintenance with his father.
    We have always taught our little man to assist, some days are better than others, but he still does assist.
    If my husband needs to maybe sort something small in the house, like a bust pipe or broken drawn, my son has his own mini tool box and assists where possible. Not only does this teach him how to be productive but also a great sense of accomplishment.
    On certain days when I’m preparing supper, my boy will come and assist with rinsing the vegetable or simple things.
    It is good to teach them from a young to be independent.

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