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7 Tips For Handling Toddler Tantrums In A Positive Way

Toddler Girl Having A Melt Down

Before we share our tips for handling toddler tantrums correctly, it is better to understand why they are happening in the first place. If you have a toddler chances are high that your toddler is having multiple melt downs every single day.  Why Do Toddlers Have Tantrums? Temper tantrums are …

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Why Organic Is Best For Your Baby and Toddler

Baby all organic food

In 2019, a study by Healthy Babies Bright Future, an alliance of NGO’s and scientists, found that 95% of conventional baby foods in the US are contaminated with toxic heavy metals including lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium, which can impact the growth of babies brains, lower IQ, and increase the risk …

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5 Toddler Sleep Facts You Probably Never Heard Of

Sleeping Toddler

Many toddlers experience sleeping problems including but not limited to resisting sleep, night time awakening, sleeping fears, nightmares and night terrors. They have an incredible drive for independence with an increase in their motor skills and social abilities, which can interfere with their sleep patterns. Getting your toddler in a …

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5 Helpful Tips For Disciplining Your Toddler

Toddler Lying On Floor

The toddler stage is notoriously trying for parents that need to deal with temper tantrums and headstrong youngsters not listening. Toddlers are exploring the world around themselves, very often getting themselves into trouble. The right type of discipline at this stage can mean all the difference in your child’s behaviour. …

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Brand New Video Series (Just For Toddlers) Sends a Positive Message

How Two Videos just for toddlers

Toddlers. Generally they are made of equal parts adorableness and unpredictability. Before motherhood, I never knew there were people out there whose composure depended completely upon the color of a juice cup. These same little creatures can be expected to turn down a “yucky” mango but will sneak a slurp …

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Toddler Chores

Toddler Chores

Giving your toddler chores around the house from an early age will make it easier for them to complete tasks in future. Here are some ideas for age appropriate chores for toddlers: Packing away toys Putting clothes in wash basket Sweeping the floor Setting the table for meals Clearing the …

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Dealing with a Lying Toddler

dishonest toddler

I have now had my first experience of a lying toddler and as usual these things took me by surprise. It was a normal morning driving to work. Just as I was about to arrive at the day care to drop off my nearly 3 year old daughter I had …

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