Tips for choosing the right shoes for pregnancy

Tips for Choosing the Right Shoes for Pregnancy

Are you currently in search of the most relevant tips for choosing the right shoes for pregnancy? Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and happiest phases in a woman’s life.

However, amidst the happiness and excitement, note that it also comes with some pains and discomfort. It is possible for you to deal with some of the discomforts associated with pregnancy properly by wearing the right and most comfortable pair of shoes.

I. Types of Maternity Shoes

Here are some of the most commonly used maternity shoes and footwear that can help enjoy the stage of pregnancy while lessening its pains and discomforts:

Maternity shoes

1 Flats

Expectant moms can choose flats as they can easily slip these on and off during the entire day. They are also the most suitable footwear for a number of occasions plus they fit various outfits.

Furthermore, they don’t have laces, lessening your worries. In most cases, they are also constructed out of a comfy material. The problem is it has minimal support and cushion. That said, consider wearing it only for a limited period.

2 Clogs

Another footwear designed for pregnant women is clog. Just make sure to look for high-quality clogs that feature soles that can absorb impact, contoured arch support, as well as a gradual heel-to-toe slant. One of the major advantages of clogs is the ease involved in slipping them on and off.

Aside from that, they are versatile, have good foot ventilation and various closures and straps, as well as offer sole protection.

Athletic shoes for pregnancy

3 Athletic Shoes

These shoes are not as convenient to wear and take off as flats and clogs, but you can expect them to provide the highest level of protection and support for your feet. They are not elevated excessively, thereby preventing pregnant women from dealing with complications.

Athletic or running shoes are the best footwear for pregnancy if you plan to walk over a rough terrain for a long period. Because they are closed in, it is crucial to buy one size up, providing more room in case of swollen or widened feet.

It is also crucial to have proper ventilation to prevent your feet from getting too hot when wearing it. Such promotes better foot health while preventing the development of blisters or fungus.

Furthermore, you need to look for an athletic shoe with a supportive sole, wide toe box, and natural bend. Aside from that, the shoe should have sufficient grip, keeping you safe in case you navigate tough walkways and weather.

Boots for maternity

4 Boots

Boots are also among your best options if you are pregnant. The good thing about boots is that they can still make you look stylish. Keep in mind, though, that your feet and legs tend to swell when you’re pregnant.

That said, make sure to look for a pair of boots with a wide calf. You can also choose those with a bit of extra stretch. Stay away from boots with heels as such can cause further discomfort.

II. Some Tips on Choosing the Best Pregnancy Shoes

Now that you are fully aware of your options, be ready to learn some valuable tips for choosing the right shoes for pregnancy so you won’t end up investing in the wrong one:


1 Look for a shoe that can make your feet breathe – Make sure that your toes can breathe in your chosen footwear. In this case, you can go for a nice pair of sandals or shoes with flat soles.

The good thing about this option is that you can pair it up with shorts or other cute outfits, allowing you to look chic and cool. Note that it’s still possible for you to go for breathable heels but ensure that they are still wide and low.

Breathability in maternity shoes is also crucial in preventing the footwear from trapping moisture that might cause your feet to sweat more. Among the most breathable materials are canvas or leather used for the uppers.

2 Make sure it is easy to wear – Another valuable tip is to look for a pair of shoe that you can easily wear or slip on. You shouldn’t spend too much time wearing it or feel too uncomfortable bending down.

That said, avoid shoes with laces as such require you to bend down so you can tie them. Aside from that, you might also trip on the laces if they get undone when you’re walking. Go for a footwear without laces so you will never have a hard time slipping it on and taking it off.

Comfortable wear maternity shoes

3 Look for a supportive shoe – The best shoe for pregnancy is that which offers adequate cushion and support. Note that being pregnant, there is also a great chance for your feet to change. You will also carry additional weight. With that in mind, you need additional arch support for your feet and legs.

The right arch support can minimize the pain in your feet while also preventing injuries from too much strain. A wise tip is to try wearing several pairs and compare them based on the level of support they provide. Choose one that is the most supportive.

4 Consider its ability to offer comfort – Look for a shoe, which can offer the highest level of comfort. Note that you’ll be carrying the baby for nine months, so you need the most comfortable pair especially on the latter phases of pregnancy.

Such ensures that you’ll never have a difficult time taking your regular walks. Everything from the cushioning, style and material of the shoe should be comfortable. If you plan to invest in a closed athletic or running shoe, then assess whether its tongue and collar are comfortable enough.

5 Look for a roomy shoe – As mentioned earlier, being pregnant might also cause your feet to swell and widen. That said, you need to buy one-half or one full size bigger than your normal footwear size. This will provide enough room for you to stay comfortable even if you’re feet swell.

III. Conclusion

The tips for choosing the right shoes for pregnancy mentioned in this article can help you pick the best buddy for your 9-month journey towards motherhood.

Make sure that your choice is breathable, comfortable and roomy to make everything easier not only for you but also for your unborn child.

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