Labour & Delivery Story – Natural Three Hour Home Birth

Emily shares her birth story giving birth naturally at home with a midwife. She was so calm and collected during the labour and birth, making it look so easy.

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  1. Thats real took courage

  2. This is so amazing when moms share their birth stories making it look so easy and she is calmed ill never take my chances and do it at home.

  3. Wow that is so amazing

  4. Sooooo Beautiful (^^,)

  5. I love Emily Norris!! She’s my favourite Mommy Youtuber :D!

  6. This was a beautiful video. There was such a tranquility about the whole birth process taking place at home in familiar surroundings. I haven’t experienced that, and I can understand, particularly after watching the video, what makes moms keen to have a birth at home. It was incredible how well Emily copied with the pain and breathed through it. I loved the way she used the hypnobirthing and also how she gave birth in a position that was most comfortable to her. This is birthing at its most special! Well done, Emily, on such an amazing birth!

  7. I would have loved a natural home birth but I was too scared to try it!

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