Those Mommy Mornings

Those Mommy Mornings

If you are a mommy you know those mommy mornings I am talking about. It seems things either go smoothly (or as close as possible) or everything goes horribly wrong!

Last night was a no-sleep night with our teething 1 year old. He woke up numerous times while hubby and I were trying to watch a movie and when we went to bed we found our 3 year old stretched out in the middle of our bed. I managed to extract her successfully and move her to her own room.

Our son woke us up throughout the night and at 4h30am he only wanted mommy. He has been recently weaned which has gone fine, except for the little problem I have with him wanting to latch onto any body part and suck like mad. I am covered in tiny little love bites and I cringe to think what people think when they look at me. The conclusion must either be that my husband beats me or that I have a teenage lover! So in the early hours of this morning hubby was trying to comfort our son and get him to sleep and he was fighting to get to my side of the bed for a suck.

After about an hour hubby succeeded in getting our son to sleep. My alarm went off as usual at 6h15am and in my tired state I thought I pressed snooze, but I must have turned the alarm off. The bright side is that we all had a good lie in until 7am. I woke up with a shock and jumped out of bed. Only 15 minutes to make lunches for my 2 kids and hubby, feed both kids breakfast, dress them both and myself and pack the car with the usual Monday bedding and extras for the week at crèche.

I put my son in his high chair in the kitchen and gave him some food to keep him busy while I did a mad rush around to get things ready. Lunches made, car packed and 3 year old dressed in record time of 5 minutes flat and while my daughter and I were in the bathroom brushing our teeth I called out to my husband to please get our son dressed and change his nappy.

I drop my toothbrush in horror when my husband called out to me “Why did you feed him mushroom sauce for breakfast?”. No mushrooms or mushroom sauce for 2 days, alarm bells start ringing immediately. I shout back “It’s teething poop!! Don’t put him anywhere, I’m getting the wipes!”. I come through to the kitchen. The high chair, my son and all his clothing is dripping in what really looks like mushroom sauce. I come closer and the smell hits me like a brick wall. I pull his pants off and just throw them straight out the front door and wipe his legs down. I ask my hubby to please change the nappy and dress him so I can contain the mess in the kitchen.

My 3 year old starts screaming something about a dog and runs out the front door. I drop the wipes and charge after her. The neighbour’s dog had grabbed my son’s poop covered shorts and was racing down the road with my daughter hot on his heels! I am still in my pj’s and screaming at my daughter to go back in the house. I get my daughter in the house and tackle the high chair and the bits on the floor, only taking a quick break for a serious gag session outside. I pull on my clothing went out in search of the neighbour’s dog. If she has taken the shorts and buried them that would have been great, but I could picture this young dog next door dragging the poop shorts all over my neighbour’s furniture!

I go into my neighbour’s property holding a plastic bag, calling the dog’s name and as I get to the open from door my neighbour comes out holding the offending shorts out in front of her with an amused look on her face, with a raised eyebrow she says “Teething huh?” … I respond “Umm yes, so sorry, it’s one of those mornings!”

Luckily for me she is a lovely lady: a mother and a granny so she just says “Yip I can see that, had plenty of those myself.”

Yes it is Monday!

Have you had a day like this? Tell us about it!

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  1. LOL! I’m sorry, but I had such a great laugh Lynne. Your Monday morning definitely started off on a high note 🙂

  2. Rofl Nadia. Yeah it was most definitely one of the top 3 worst mommy mornings ever!! Yes you heard me, it was not the worst.

    The worst one has got to be the morning my then 2 yr old daughter vomited in my mouth…. yip she really did. Not my best moment. I am squeamish and the type of person that is a sympathetic vomitter! So if anyone vomits I join in. You can imagine not my finest moment 🙂

    Glad everyone could have a good laugh though, it is great to at least share it and make another mommy’s morning brighter heehee.

  3. Lol.Made me smile. Had plenty of those

  4. Shame Lynne, I can’t relate to it but it sure made me smile & I also had a good laugh. Your day can only get better from there. ?

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