Things I want for Mothers Day

10 Things I want for Mothers Day

Here are the things I want for Mothers Day this year. Yes chocolates and flowers are nice and sweet. However if you want to make my day extra special leave the chocolates and flowers. Instead I have a list of demands that would really make the day memorable.

From my children:

    • I want to sleep until at least 8am, without hearing any screaming, banging or noise!
    • Go to daddy for everything you need for the day. I don’t want to be the “favourite” today, the novelty wore off about 3 years ago!
    • From my 16 month old son I would like a poop free day. Those teething poops that are coming fast and furious? Try and hold them in till Monday!
    • You know how excited I was the first time you said Mama? It’s not exciting anymore. Replace it wiith Papa just for the day!
    • From my 3 year old daughter I would like just peace and quiet for the day. Can you stop singing at the top of your voice for a day and screaming “Listen to me Mom!” while tapping (ie whacking) my arm?

From my husband:

  • Pretend you are me for the day: wash the kids clothes, do the dishes and sweep the floor and provide me with 3 meals during the day washed down with coffee. I know the only thing you cook is fish fingers, scrambled egg and baked beans. I’ll take it, so long as I don’t have to cook it.
  • Get out of sex free pass for the day. Yes I really mean it. I know it sound terrible but it would make my day easier. Take note of the “free” part, it’s really important. That implies getting away with it so no moaning, complaining or guilt trips!
  • Watch any movie of my choice with me. Yes even if it is Titanic, sit right through it and not complain, sigh or make noises of unhappiness.
  • When I say I am tired pretend to be sympathetic instead of the usual “You’re always tired” or “How can you still be tired you slept all night?”.If you are feeling really generous you could even offer to rub my feet? Ok yes, maybe I am pushing it.
  • Bath the kids and put them to bed. Yes that includes bedtime stories. Yes I know I do it every night, that is exactly why I want a night off.

Yes I totally get that these are probably not the standard Mother’s Day gifts. In fact what I really want for Mother’s Day is the day off from being a mother and a wife!

These are the things I want for Mothers Day, what would you like?

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  1. thokozilemohohole

    the list is endless if i am about to mention things i would like for mother’s day, but i am going to mention a few that i think i would really enjoy, have breakfast ,lunch , supper and dessert made for me ,no disturbance from anyone no changing diapers and preparing mil bottles ,and get a full body massage and be In a place where it’s quiet and peaceful ,get a bottle wine and be able to watch all those movies I have longing to watch .

  2. Lol wow I also just wanted a day off being a mom on Mother’s day but I didn’t get it ,Love how real you are about being a mother.

    • LOL Thandazo, I didn’t get my day off but I did have the dishes washed for me and I was taken out for breakfast so can’t complain 🙂

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