The best natural remedies for allergies

The Best Natural Remedies For Allergies

The body works in the most amazing ways. Its resistance however lags when the mechanism of operations come to be delicate to particular constituents.  When a person is adversely affected by these changes, it becomes an allergy. Allergies are inducible by a class of operatives called allergens.  The greater aspect of these allergies has people predisposed to breathing problems like Asthma and related health conditions. It is very smart to visit hospitals and have firsthand health care.

However it is best to know that simple and natural remedies may be used to lessen the effects of the allergies or even clear them up completely.  The common risk factors of allergies include: asthma, nasal polyps, ear infections, respiratory tract infections, eczema and more. Some of these are transferable through family genetics and may be as a result of weather change.

Best Natural Remedies for Allergies

Herbs and Supplements

The simplest herbs and supplements come in handy as first aid remedies for allergy. It’s quite wonderful because it’s so stress free. For example, Vitamin C. Fruit consumptions such as grapes, orange, lime, tangerine are full of anti-allergens. The component is different for each person depending on body type reaction. Take 1-3 grams for diarrhea, 2-3 grams of quercetin or catechin as flavonoids.

Herbs are often simple remedial elements.  Garlic may be consumed with water at night and may be added as spice to food. Essential oil supplements are good for skin allergies such as eczema. Pour a few drops of basil oil in a clean towel or handerkerchief, hold to your nose. It clears puffy nose and aids diffusion.

Olive oil may be rubbed on eczema. It is also effective when taken together with lemon.


Acupuncture may be attributed to ancient Chinese methods. It is however undergoing improvements and is more than effective.  The acupuncture works by use of needles. The needles are placed under the skin at the affected areas. It is used to relieve stress, sneezing, puffy eyes and runny nose.  These symptoms are often predominant during spring and fall.


Honey also called Bee Pollen has been proven time over time to be the best natural remedy. It is often eaten as food or added in little amounts to beverages.  Of course, eating raw honey may sound strange because it’s really sweet.  Daily intake helps structure the body and gives it a tolerance to resident pollen.

Honey for the best natural remedy allergies

Spicy food

Ever noticed how spicy food makes your nose run? Ever wondered why? Well, it’s because particular spicy foods are natural decongestants. True to this, they are the most preferred natural cure for nasal blockage. Hot chili pepper, curry sauce, spicy salsa are added to the diet to take care of persistent symptoms. Dosage may be easily added to any food. It is however important for specific allergy sufferers to take note; that spicy food isn’t for everyone. It may heighten disorders like ulcers and a stomach sensitive to acid reflux. On the safer hand, you may try spicy products containing anise or licorice as both prevent any form of stomach congestion.  Spicy food relaxes mucus and calms the nasal and throat lining.

Segregate Your Pets

Now, this may be the hardest thing to do curb allergies. Since home, especially your bedroom, is one of the favorite places you may like to have your pet. Making space for them outside of your comfort zone is hard on the schedule. Of course, you need to weigh the pros and cons. You can clean your sheets over and over, and take extra care with other components.  Combating allergies will extend farther than that. You may have to do complete segregation. Their sneezing, redness and rashes on the skin cause allergy. Like creating make-shift cribs for them.  Cleaning and disinfecting their sleepers and food bowls.  Having them checked up for allergies as well helps.  Wash your hands every time you touch them too.

Natural remedies for allergies

Nettle Leaves

The nettle herb is used to relieve hay fever, benign prostatic and insect bites, amongst others. The root extract enhances t-cells formation and t-cells in turn normalize the body’s resistance mechanism. These may be consumed as tea and as pills. Adding honey to taste makes it all even better.  Freeze-dried preparation before hay fever is considered more effective. They also possess a pepper mintish flavonoid which reduces discomfort from allergies.

Appliances With HEPA Filters

HEPA filters are the most efficient and best humidifier for babes’ rooms. The HEPA filters are often attached to vacuum cleaners and other appliances like an Air Purifier. They work by trapping microbes faster.  The absence of these may stir up symptoms thereby making them worse. Pollen and dust settled in the house and its environment will only make the allergy full blown. To make your home safe from allergens, it is good to invest in air filters. Purification commences as it removes banes comprising pollen, mold, dust, cigarette smoke etc. Well, this can be called a form of “environmental allergy controller”; you can never tell where the tiny devils are.

Keep Humidity Level Under Control

Certain allergens blossom under humid conditions. Every home is predisposed to a number of wet areas which are the best zones to breed them. Basements, kitchen pipes, cupboards, toilet pipes and other wet zones. Having a dehumidifier limits moisture and prevent allergen replication.

Having a house dehumidifier does not necessarily have to do with size. The whole house humidifier is better. The extent of moisture matters more, a large room doesn’t qualify for a large machine.  Many people find it better to have a residential dehumidifier. The most important feature is for it to serve it’s purpose.

An allergy is often an immune reaction initiated by consuming particular foods, contact with some substances as well as inhalation of some irritants such as dust. Finding a cure to it is as essential as having such cures available. The primary importance of staying healthy is to be able to enjoy comfort in your home. More so, since they are all natural, they have no side effects. They are safe to use and are handy.

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